Thursday, June 10, 2010

After watching Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist last night, where each artist had 13 hours to produce their work in the middle of chaos, I started thinking about my work. Could I or indeed many of us be able to create something that we would be proud of in that short of a time with everyone milling around in the same studio? Can we concentrate so completely as to eliminate all the chaotic activity and noise surrounding us and in a very limited length of time create a work of art that had a theme we had never thought of until it was handed to us at the beginning of the alloted time? I have my doubts.

Thinking this would be a way for me to do some quick sketches, I recently joined the Sketchbook Project Tour 2011. We were to choose our theme ahead of receiving the small sketchbook. I chose Jackets, Blankets, and Sheets, as I thought, no one else would want that theme. Below are the beginnings of this project. Discovering the thinness of the paper has set before me a few obstacles that I am discovering with each page I turn. I will come back to it occasionally as I will also watch the progress of the artists on Bravos new show.

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