Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our son, Clark, is growing a great variety of peppers at his home in Southern California. He visited a week ago and brought me four varieties. He tells me that the smaller the pepper the I will use those sparingly. And, then use the large ones with abandon.

The colors and forms and textures are perfect for still-life so I drew a few of them with colored pencil. Sadly my camera does not pick up the rich color I envisioned for each pepper, or the colored pencils do not render as clearly as the photographs of the actual peppers.

Several years ago I had been enamored with the three colors I found of bell peppers and drew them in a large sketch book. Again contrast using colored pencils as well as hue and saturation of each color is bland compared to the actual pepper color.
However, I may continue to create more of the drawings and have the pictures taken by my photographer as I know those photos will be better than mine.

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