Saturday, January 15, 2011

SDA Member, Show, Merge and Flow

This second week of January, after the Sketch Book Project had been mailed, I decided it was time to get back to some interesting work. The Surface Design Association is having another member show in June during their Confluence convention in Minnesota. With the SDA theme, Merge and Flow, in mind my thinking moved to tight and free flowing fibers. I started by braiding some very heavy yarns and used that image as my 'merge' section. The 'flow' section was letting the threads flow away from the braid in an organized way. To bring the parts together there needed to be a beginning and this is a kind of chaos of mixed tangled colors. The colors become organized for the 'flowing' end of the piece.

Required size is 28 by 12 inches, to be hung by a casing on the back. I used a mottled gray denim as the base fabric and then drew and planned colors for the braid on the denim. Of course most of the time was spent with my machine, embroidering the thread colors onto all the strands.

My title is borrowed from the theme: Diverging, Merging, and Flowing.

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