Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Design photos

 In following up on my last entry
about the Traces Symposium,
here are a few more pictures that
I consider design ideas or perhaps
just what I seem to find more interesting.

All of these pictures were taken at
Raleigh Denim,a small jeans factory.
The ceiling was composed of approximately, they tell me,
4000 brown paper airplanes.

There was a small room where
all these heavy paper patterns

At one of the machines were
these trays of studs and other
metal parts for the jeans.
There were approximately 20 machines of all kinds in the factory.

 This picture shows a roll of heavy   
pattern paper taken from the top.

On the right is a view of a stack of
jeans showing the red thread at the
waist band.
This factory began with a small order for Barneys in 2009 and has expanded
selling jeans to many stores now.The jeans are manufactured in small runs using
vintage machines and denim from an American mill, Cone Mill's White Oak plant. I seem to be drawn to taking photos of textures and alliteration when I travel.

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