Sunday, April 17, 2011

The I Pad

It seems some circumstances may cause a week, even two, of no art work being created. There is necessary time for life as well as a learning curve to take over my time and often that becomes so fascinating everything else stops. My birthday continues (all year) and I now have the I Pad2. Spending time at the apple store and on my own it has taken many days getting acquainted with this little marvel. Downloading 4 or 5 of the art-like apps and trying them to see how they work does take time. So far only one attempt on each and then I'm on to the next one. This tree is my first exploration with DrawCast (a free app) and although it was created for the IPhone and is only vertical, I like how it works and may try more with it. My finger is not as accurate as a pen or pencil but it seems quite amazing to be able to acheve fine lines even if they are not where you want them.

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