Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paper Camera, iPad App

This week I am not showing what I consider an Art Application for the iPad. A good friend told me about this App, called Paper Camera based on an entertainment category. However, I can see possible ways to use it with drawings or paintings. 
This first picture is one I took with my camera of a single gazania in a front yard in Los Angeles. I will use it to demonstrate some of Paper Camera's filters.

The filter from Paper Camera used in this picture of the gazania is called Comic Boom.

The affect on the gazania here is a Paper Camera filter called Con Tours.

This is the screen of Paper Camera and you can see very simple instructions, hand drawn. It appears upside down on the iPad which usually rights itself. However it does not with this application, although the tiny arrows at the top allow you to turn you photo in any direction. The tiny box with lines at the bottom allows you to find any photo in your photo file on the iPad and then you simply click a large arrow at the top right to choose your filter.

The filter for this gazania variation is the Gotham Noir application and aptly named.

Granny's Paper filter changes the gazania to a rich dark monochromatic almost fabric like appearance.

Another change to the gazania. This appearance by Paper Camera is titled Neon Cola.

This Paper Camera filter is called Pastel Perfect. This is the last one I will put on the blog but there are a few more with titles. They do not tell you the result but are fun just seeing how each of these filters will affect your photo. Also on this application you will find, Bleaching, Half Ton (no e), Acquarello, and Old Printer. I have yet to put one of my drawings or paintings into Paper Camera to see how I might change it and possibly discover a new way to work, but I will.

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