Sunday, February 19, 2012

Splash 12, 8 by 8's

I do enjoy moving colors around on the iPad and this colorful abstract was created with the Inspire Pro App.
However, I must create more finished art work on 8 by 8 inch squares to complete my 80 by the end of March. So, I will stay off the iPad art Apps for a while longer.
The title of this piece is SPLASH.

I printed out my colorful Splash painting on paper, divided it into 12 sqaures and cut them out . I could now see how each square might be completed.
I then painted 12, 8 by 8 inch, squares to approximate the original iPad painting. However, when ever one translates from one medium to another there will be changes.........colors, not the same, etc. I wanted to add details to what became a larger image, as well. When I receive the photos from my photographer of the 12 squares of Splash hung together I will add them to this blog.

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