Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drawing Pad App for the iPad

It has been some time since I have reviewed any of the art Apps for the iPad and have put off writing about Drawing Pad since they were upgrading it. Another reason is that I felt it was more for children but has  qualities we all could 'play' with and enjoy.
There are 5 marking tools as well as a tortillon for a bit of blending. The limiting factor is there is no sizing of the drawing tools so it is left to the 3 sizes of eraser to accomplish an approximate size change.
Another reason I thought this may be a child's App is the many stickers that are available. I've added a few to this flower drawing. They can be resized, reversed and locked into position but I have not given them much play, yet.
The same flower drawing with a black background.
This App has so many variations available for backgrounds that I tried several on the next drawing.

A checkered background.
 Multi pastel......
blue green shading.....
And several border backgrounds are available. When you erase on a set background the color stays in place and I enjoyed this feature.
 The blender works well with each of the tools and an abstract tends to be easier than precise drawing.
 Trying the same abstract idea on a blue background with added bright colors.

Trying to create a precise drawing on one of the set backgrounds turned out to be difficult but with practice using the tortillon and the eraser some images are possible. I did enjoy playing around with the many background choices and there were many colors available for the brushes, colored pencil, marker, crayon and pastel. I will try some work blending the stickers into a drawing and give this Drawing Pad App another try on another day.

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