Thursday, July 3, 2014

Updating my web site:

The last couple of days I/we have been updating my web site. 
That is Jeanne Williamson, my web master(tress), has been 
doing all the technical work along with some suggestions. 
I have been watching, checking, and seeing the changes as they develop.
The web site needed a major overhaul. 
Colors to me, seem to always make the biggest impact.
It is amazing to see how my work changes as the background 
went from black to light blue. 
I know the relation of one color to a neighboring color 
and then add extreme contrast and I was surprised to see the result.
 Besides adding new color, Jeanne added some different work.
This piece, EARLY SKETCH is 9 by 12 inches. 
Free-motion machine embroidery on a commercial fabric. 
Jeanne made a detail for the web site
 to show the stitches but you will have to pull the web site up to see it.
The design came from a black and white drawing 
I had sketched when I was about 16  years old.
 This piece titled RELAXED TRIPTYCH is 28 by 30 inches.
The embroidery is entirely zig zag stitching on canvas.
The designs were taken from 3 small oil paintings from my 30's 
before I moved into acrylics.
There were several other new pieces added to the web site.
The home page shows a detail of a piece and there is now a 
GALLERY page where you will find all the information about my various series.
This was quite a lengthy adventure and may need a bit of tweaking 
 but for the near future it will stay till new work is added.

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