Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hubcap Art, Landfillart

In early July I was invited to participate in the Landfill art project.

 All the artwork in this project begins with a hubcap.
A hubcap was sent to me to begin.
 My husband, Clark, sanded it to give it a slight texture.
Friends told me to use an adhesive E6000 as it would hold anything to metal.
 After deciding I was going to use embroidered leaves from all seasons 
I started creating the leaves on the sewing machine.
 Using thread and pictures and actual leaves as subjects
it took a while to create enough leaves.
 I discovered that E6000 would not adhere thread to thread or to fabric 
so had to pull out good old white glue to complete the top layers.
 I began attaching the leaves but had to hold them in place a 
for a few minutes or they slid off. Then had to wait at least 8 hours 
for each group to stay in place before adding layers. 
 The leaves were being arranged color-wise into seasons, sort of.
 The final arrangement is titled SEASONAL LYRICISM. 
One friend described it as an Autumn bride's bouquet.
This detail shows the thread and stitches. The total length is 24 inches. 
It is 17 inches wide with a depth of 6 inches at the center.
Many many examples of these hubcap art works can be seen at
The first showing of 287 pieces (not this one) of hubcap art 
will be at the Museum of Shenandoah Valley opening September 7, 2014.

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