Friday, January 23, 2015

Face Book's challenges

Five days ago Nancy Herman invited me to participate in
 the Face Book Challenge. 
This meant one must put up three images a day for five days
 and each day name and challenge another to add his or her three images.
I decided to repeat the five days of this week
 after talking to a good friend who said she is not on Face book
 and would like to see the work.
For those who saw the five days as well as 
many other artist's work do not continue reading.
 On Day one I added three images of Hands from paintings created on the iPad
 These were created two years ago.
 Each was created on a different iPad App.
 The second day I added three figurative paintings. 
This and the third are oil paintings. 
 This group of three is stitched but taken from three oil paintings 
I had created many years ago.
 I believe all three were painted in the late 1960's from live models.
 The third day I showed colored pencil drawings. 
This of peppers is on vellum.
 I drew from live subjects even though I also took photos.
 This third lily from Dominie Nash's garden.
It appears that I like red in all its nuances.
 The fourth day again went back into my sketch books...
... to find still-life subjects. All are taken from pottery we use.
 Often I drew with colored pencil, first and then created 
with thread on fabric. 
Going from white to black backgrounds makes a big difference 
in the vibrancy of the color.
 The fifth or last day, today, I decided to show three
 very old free-motion machine embroidered wall hangings
that were seen only once, in a gallery in New Jersey.
 They were then lost, stolen, or disappeared in transit 
between the gallery and my home.
From the top of Day Five the first is HIGH-TECH ANTIQUE,
the second is A SUREAL PORTRAIT, and the bottom one is titled,
This week has been a kind of trip through nostalgia.

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