Saturday, June 27, 2015

Recycling Slides or Tossing Them? That is the Question.

Before June ends I want to add further explorations for recycling slides.
Much of this months was filled with many friends and relatives 
visiting DC for Clark's 90th birthday surprise party. 
This party day was organized, orchestrated, and produced 
by our daughter, Vicky, who along with her family
 gave Clark the biggest surprise of his life.
Now, back to the studio......
A month or so ago I started taking my old slides apart. 
I wanted to see if I could do something with 
the thousands I had besides throw them away.
 At about the same time it was discovered that I had a detached retina.
Discovering that it was hard to draw, at least with color, 
I spent most creative time varying ways to work with the slides.
 Painting or using markers......
 Removing the film and filling with small abstract drawings.....
 Embroidering symbols to fill the frames....
 Stitching the actual film on the sewing machine...
 Stitching film with colored thread or black so it wouldn't show...
 Filling painted frames with fabrics.....
And, just painting the frames with stripes.
I will continue working out ideas with the slide frames and film 
until I find a way to produce a finished object 
that I am happy with or till I've decided they should just be tossed.


  1. I love that you are always finding creative ways to recycle and keep things out of our landfills. Looks like you've been busy since we left, sewing the film together. I can't wait to see the final product(s).

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