Monday, August 22, 2016

Art Work Comes and Goes

Often my artwork comes and goes. 
Some pieces travel further than I have ever travelled.
 Not Always Green has recently returned form The Taiwan 
International Quilt Exhibition 2016 in Tainan City, Taiwan.
Window Box is now at the International Korea  Bojagi Exhibit 
in Seoul, South Korea
KISS: In Any Language is leaving tomorrow
 to go to the SPUN 2016 Innovative Fiber Exhibition 
in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The opening will be September 10, 2016.  
 Three Flowers left the studio for places unknown. 
They may be at Vicky Fogg's desk at
the Washington Post or where ever she wanted to hang it.?
 I have been thinking about butterflies for the past month 
and wondering how I can show them as the delicate 
winged creatures they are. Perhaps in a cluster.
Maybe as small lacy versions of themselves?
And I am looking at old paintings. 
This is probably 5 by 6 feet,  50 years old, 
and loosely painted on plywood.
Keep watching as I love a puzzle 
and don't know what is coming next.

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