Saturday, July 17, 2021

What has happened in the past 5 months?

I didn't think much had happened in the past 5 months until I checked my calendar.
It was winter and we were in the middle of another year of the Covid-19 pandemic
when I last wrote in February 2021

Now it is the middle of July and not only are the Cone Flowers 

blooming, but our crepe myrtle has sprung into glorious ruffled cascading flowers

And in March I had my two vaccinations.
Also in mid-March, I had a big birthday. A cake created by Granddaughter Julia Fogg 
and placemats and pictures from niece, Julie Putnik Swain
From many friends, and relatives a wonderful video with messages,
 both serious and fun, songs, jokes, and comments that I have enjoyed viewing 
many times and again today.
or look up BJ's 90th birthdy video on You Tube
Granddaughter, Alexandra Fogg, brought a big 90 so everyone could see

 how old I am and I could never forget it. Time marches on......

Virginia Quilt Museum had one of its galleries with the theme, 


 My The Life of a Cone Flower was included in this show that ended last week. 

Sorry I did not write this blog a little earlier.

This embroidery is 26 by 18 inches and it has been appliqued on an old tea towel
At this time the Creative Council Council is having its 33rd Biennial at Strathmore Mansion.
I am happy to have my Satirical Stillness accepted. It is 40 by 61 inches.
It was given an award in craftsmanship by the Fiber Arts Study Group.
A couple of months ago, a good friend, John Yakaitis, remembering many years ago how much Clark enjoyed his squirrel-free bird feeder until it finally fell and broke, then decided to engineer a new one for him. Now Clark enjoys sitting in the kitchen and watching his new bird feeder full of birds flying in and out all day.
There are many birds and an occasional squirrel who can't figure out how to get to the food.
 I call the branches where the birds sit and wait their turn 'the waiting room'. 
You may see as many as 16 at a time sitting on one branch just watching.
A few months ago I became fascinated with Clark's hands; the veins, bones, and colors
I have tried for several months to draw his hand with colored pencils
I doubt I will ever finish this drawing.
This is the year of the Cicadas and everyone knows we won't see them again till 2038.
We have a very good caretaker, now, for helping Clark a few hours each week. 
Clark was telling her his 96th birthday was June 21 and she told him hers was 2 days later.
I wanted to make her a card for her birthday with an embroidered "C" for Claudine.
Our next-door neighbor is Thornell Page. He was nice enough to come
 to the bank with us when we needed a witness for some legal papers we were signing.
 I made him a thank you card embroidering his initials.
I have 4 good friends who are all turning 90 this year so,
 I have begun to create cards for them.....
painting some canvas in bright colors and then 
adding some simple machine embroidery here and there. 
I plan to create some white embroidery '90's to add to these colorful backgrounds.
In the meantime, I have a neighbor, Julia Cancio, who is turning 99
 on August 3. I have her card ready to go, now.
I believe you can tell that I am not accomplishing much in the studio, 
since I have not written this blog since last February. 
My life has changed in a different direction. 
You might say, I am a caretaker now.
I will write sooner for the next blog and
hoping the pandemic may end soon for all.

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  1. Yes, dude, I gotta lotta 'art' ...
    all over me blogOramma:
    .44-caliber-pieces, bro:

    Wouldn't it be an awwwsome joy
    to do your magnificent craft in
    Seventh-Heaven? Yet, what art
    thou doing to promote the Trinity
    and live at peace insteadOpieces?
    Solution? Lemme ask a question:

    Q: where dost thou findest THE truth,
    my just and worthy liege??
    A: not from the L nor the R in this
    feeble, fallible, finite existence.

    I assume you know what a NDEr is:
    millions around the world have
    experienced as I went through.

    'Follow us Uppastairs by honoring
    the Mudda of God if you don'ta do
    nthn else, kapiche, wiseguy??' -sez
    the sauve, savvy, Sicilian Carnivæl
    Barker (aint sHe anti-establishment??)

    ☆ ☆