Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring has come to Washington DC

Now that this year's Amaryllis has decided 
it is time to stop blooming...
(I did have to draw one a year ago) 
 and let Spring fill the warm air with many other blooms.
 I took a walk around my neighborhood today and found many colors
 in neighbors yards.
 Yellow was bright everywhere.....

 Pansies in every color were in several gardens.
 Quick colored pencil sketches of tulips.
 and dogwood
But pink seems to be the most prominent color.... in all shades.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Slide Frames with Decisions

Last July I started working out ideas for using all the 
cardboard slide frames I should just throw away, 
but could not bring myself to do it.
Here are some of the samples I've made, 
putting small groups into pairs.
Blue and green painted frames with blue or green striped 
fabric added for contrast.
Deciding to try some of the film I had removed from the 
frames I machine sewed it, leaving the hanging threads.
I soon discovered the film cut and tore too easily
when a needle was inserted. 
  Multi colored frames needed black and white contrast 
so I added black embroidery on white fabric.
These green and blue frames have abstract designs added.
The fabric in the frames has been drawn and painted 
with markers and colored pencils. 
Striping the frames was fun, using many markers. 
Striped fabric has been inserted into the frames.
Perhaps this is too confusing unless you like pattern on pattern.` 
 Inserted in these colorful frames is material I had
experimented with in the past.
 And these last black and white frames have more of my 
experimental fabric.
Now I am in a quandary. Do I continue trying various ways
 to use up the slides or their frames or 
do they go into the circular file?
At this point I cannot see spending more time experimenting.
Any ideas?

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Anatomy of a DC Snow Storm

While in my studio I look out this window with views 
of the two main streets below us.
We had a lot of warning about the coming snowstorm that would last 
from Friday through Saturday, January 22 and 23, 2016.
Since my street is on a cul de sac, we rarely have a snowplow visit us, 
so I watch the main streets, to see if they get plowed.
The buses and metro have been closed for Saturday and Sunday.
This was taken at noon on Friday.
 3 PM Friday
5 PM on Friday 
 Friday 10 PM
8 AM Saturday, no snow plows anywhere 
 Saturday 11 AM
1 PM Saturday 
 White out Saturday 3 PM
 Saturday 6 PM
 Saturday 11 PM
8 AM Sunday, stopped snowing .
Sunday noon, sun 
Sunday about 1 PM several neighbors start shoveling a trench 
12 to 18 inches wide from the top of our hill to the cul de sac.
They worked up to the front door of each house.
These very nice neighbors from the top of our hill were exhausted. 
I think there is over 2 feet of snow they were moving.
So, we invited everyone who could walk through these trenches 
to join us for a cocktail party at 4 PM.
It was a good evening.
Monday, a front loader is stuck at the top of our hill 
with a dump truck behind it and now a tow truck has been added.
So we are still waiting for something to happen. 
All schools and the government are still closed.
However today the buses start at noon and metro started again. 
It is free to ride both of them. 
However where would anyone go that is open?
Stay tuned.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas and Happy New year

Christmas is over and New Years Eve is almost here.
This is such a busy time of year there hasn't been much time for creative 
art work in the studio. Except, for gift wrapping, which I love 
and cooking and baking, which I like sometimes.
Today, after clearing my desk, I decided to look at some reference photos
 as they, sometimes, stimulate an idea or two for my studio time.
Here are a few I was wondering about. 
You will see during the next few months whether any of these images 
put an idea into my thinking and hands when working in the studio.

Let's hope 2016 brings peace to some war torn places in the world.
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The holidays bring lots of fun and work often with unusual results. 
Not much time spent creating and time is flying with shopping wrapping and activities galore.
Monday, I was helping Vicky create 3 trees made out of catalogue pages. 
She said all I needed were some paper tubes of 3 lengths and some ribbon for the tops. 
She arrived with a load of catalogues to be used making these trees. 
They were to illustrate an article coming out in the Style section of the 
Washington Post on December 12. 
She pictured a group of 3 trees of varying heights. 
We started with a 30 inch, 20 and 11 inch paper tubes and started taping
the catalogue pages to the tubes.
This is the middle size tree trying out ribbon on top. That didn't work.
This is the small tree, again trying an odd top.
Vicky raced out of here with these 3 trees that I thought might fall apart 
before arriving at the POST building. 
She carried elements for 5 or 6 different tops to be tried on each tree.
This is the photographer at the Post checking out each tree and taking some pictures.
Vicky said that we won't know till the article comes out 
if her group of 3 trees will be used or if they will appear singly or not at all.  

You see all the orange cartons in the picture above. 
That color indicates where everything in this room is going in the next building.
This was the last day of all the equipment and staff in the old building.
The article as it appeared on December 12, 2015.
The gist of the story was about all the catalogues sent out for shopping at home. 
Many unusual catalogues were mentioned. The small tree was on page 3. 

December 12, the day this appeared is Caroline Fogg's birthday.
Caroline in the Dan Flavin room at the Hirschhorn Museum that day.
She said she was not blue but happy all day.
Vicky and Caroline rearranging the decorations in the 
outer ring of the Hirshhorn Museum. It twas all quite legal.
A Max Ernst quotation on that same wall.
And outside the Hirshhorn........
December 12  was a warm and colorful day to be remembered.