Friday, April 18, 2014

The Center for Disease Control publishes this magazine. Information about it and the mask is below.
Volume 20, Number 5—May 2014
About the Cover
Courage Unmasked

Sharon Bloom 
Author affiliation: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia,

Radiation treatment for head and neck cancer involves the use of custom-molded plastic mesh masks placed over the head and shoulders to immobilize the patient and facilitate the stereotactic positioning of radiation beams. This month’s cover art was selected from the “Courage Unmasked” project, which was founded by Cookie Kerxton, a head and neck cancer survivor and artist, who during one such treatment session envisioned the use of art to both raise awareness of and support fellow patients in need. After the discarded masks have been transformed into works of art, they are exhibited and auctioned off.

Fiber artist B.J. Adams was one of more than 100 artists invited to create art from used radiation masks with materials of their choice. Inspired by Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527–1593), who created portraits by using objects, such as flowers, vegetables, and fruit, Adams chose brightly colored artificial flowers and insects to create a spring-like mask to symbolize rebirth and rejuvenation. Adams was born in California and studied fine art; she has been working in mixed media for ≈60 years and lives in Washington, DC.
As was stated my inspiration for covering this mask came from Arcimboldo.

I have long admired the imagination and creative thinking that went into these wonderful portrait paintings. 
It was quite a surprise to have my flowery mask chosen for the cover to represent the many really unusual masks created by so many artists
who took part in this continuing project.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ironic Identities, drawings and embroidery.

Sometime ago I drew these colored pencil renderings of
tools I found around the house and garage. 
They are actual size in the sketch book.
I started this small quilt, based on a rack of tools I found 
in the garage, a while ago. 
They are smaller than the original drawings.
Finally finished it and just had it photographed.
There are things you don't see before quilts are 
photographed. I may have to redo the upper right corner.
The bunch of ropes is not a noose.
The title is Ironic Identities. 19 by 26 inches.
Adding the non-tools along with the hardware gave me 
another chance for an odd juxtaposition of images 
as well as the title.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Butterflies , Drawing and Embroidery and Quilts

Butterflies and Their Beautiful Kin
at Texas Quilt Museum
La Grange, Texas
April 3 - June 29, 2014  

Texas Quilt Museum
140 West Colorado St.
La Grange, TX  78945

  Variations on B is my contribution to this show that opens next week.

 Variations on B is 42 by 42 inches and has been quilted.
This detail shows that much of the work is free-motion
machine embroidery on a painted canvas background.
The banana and brushes were taken from 
colored pencil drawings. I say one banana because 
I had a green one in the studio and I drew it every couple of days 
as it gradually ripened and turned black.
The brushes are my beat up brushes, drawn and 
embroidered and then having real paint put on the thread bristles.

Also opening April 3 is the Radical Elements exhibit. 
I will write about in the next blog.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Snow and note cards

To awaken this morning to 6 or so inches of 
snow certainly doesn't look like Spring is coming.
 Work this week in the studio has been 
accomplished in between necessary home activities.
 Note cards are a worth while activity
when I have short spurts of time.
 These two collages have a bit of embroidery
on pictures from garden magazines
 This is what our yard ought to look like.......
 But weather does not cooperate.
Today is a good catch up day 
since I won't be going anywhere.
Perhaps even some really 
worth while studio time.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Visions Art Museum, C2C, New Image Artists, Barbara Lee Smith, and Jazz exhibits, San Diego.

Continuing a review of the current shows at Visions Art Museum.
The night of the reception I took a few pictures. 
Below is the entrance to the Coast To Coast show.
Work in the C2C show is by The New Image Artists 
and the California Fibers group.

Guests wandering around the art work.
One area of the shop.
Coming in the front door you are greeted with 
view of art and craft work available in the shop.
A view looking forward to the entrance.
Barbara Lee Smith is having a show in one of the rooms 
of the museum. Above on the left is Marshland Reflections 
and on the right, Mountain and Grasses.
Left is Salt Edge at 40 by 65 inches
and on the right, South Jetty Fog at 30 inches square.
Marshland Remembered and Marshland Morning.
Barbara's work does not photograph well. These two 
pieces appear darker in color both here and in the catalog.
Mt personal favorite of this show is a two part piece 
titled Mountain and Grasses, 25 by 50 inches.
Day Break is 72 by 48 inches.
Barbara drew large crowds exclaiming about 
the beauty of her work and wondering about the 
process that goes into her atmospheric landscapes.
Another show going on at the same time is called Jazz. 
Almost all of these small quilts were sold at the opening reception.
From San Diego we drove up the coast to L.A.
(a view from the old Marine Land site in Palos Verdes).
And then home to this.
Life seems to be a study of contrasts…….

Friday, February 21, 2014

New Image Artists at Visions Art Museum in San Diego

The Coast to Coast show featuring New Image Artists and California
Fiber Artists opened February 7 at Visions Art Museum in San Diego.
The day before the reception I walked quickly through the show 
snapping pictures with my phone as quickly as I could.
 I walked through Liberty Station from the hotel to the Museum
enjoying the warm sun and flowering landscape.
 On the wall before I entered the show were these 
two signs explaining the exhibit and thanking volunteers.
 Cathy Kleeman's work on the left and Verena Levine's on the right.
 On the left,
Verena's Deep River and from California Fibers group
 Kathy Nida's Buried Under
 Michael Rohde's Tara from CF group on the left and 
Cathy Kleeman's Divide by Red
 Verena Levine's Deep River
 Candy Edgerley's Garden Window
 Ginny Smith's One Strange Bird on the left and from 
CF group, Indigo Dream by Chari Meyers
 Sue Pierce's Natural Forces
 Joan Dreyer's Tree of Loss #2 on the left and
Dominie Nash's Foliated Calligraphy 4
 Joan Dreyer's Tree of Loss #2
 Fron CF group Cryptic Diptych by Lynne Hodgman
and on the right Lesly-Claire Greenberg's 
Thorns II: Points of Interest.
 Tip of the Iceberg by Mary Beth Bellah on the left and
from CF group, Speechless Scroll by VANYA
 From CF group, Marking Time #8 
by Marilyn McKenzie Chaffee
 From CF group,  Forest Primeval by Charlotte Bird
 Speechless Scroll by VANYA and Biosynthesis
by Polly Jacobs both from the CF group.
Two more from the CF group,
 Indigo Dreams by Chari Myers on the left.
Sculpture by Peggy Wiedemann titled Regal
At the entrance to the show was my work 
Traveling from Dawn to Dusk along with a sign
for the whole show……..

Not all the works by the California group are shown here.
I hope I did not miss the any work by New Image Artists.

There was another show going on at the same time, 
Intersections: Recent Work by Barbara Lee Smith.
I will include those pictures and more at the opening
reception in the next blog……
stay tuned

Friday, February 7, 2014

Art work, traveling. Waverly Street Gallery to Visions Art Museum

 This is an E invitation to the show opening next Friday, 
February 14, 2014 at the Waverly Street Gallery in Bethesda, MD
 Two pieces of mine still be shown, there. 
WIDE LOAD above in the invitation 
with the detail, here, showing the embroidery.
 Variations on V (Vines) is the second piece
with a detail below. The leaves are attached only by the main vein 
of each leaf so they stand away from the back ground.
 I found these wonderfully colored weeds while out walking
one June in my neighborhood. Brought them home, drew them 
with colored pencil and then embroidered them on the sewing machine.
Traveling from  Dawn to Dusk will be at the Visions Art Museum 
in San Diego with an opening Saturday, February 15.

Two details showing both Dawn and Dusk