Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clark Golden Adams II, A Tribute

I am writing my blog today with a few really old photos,
 about a man who influenced so many and leaves a big hole in our lives
Clark Adams during college days,
University of Utah and Georgetown University
 Clark's christening with Mom and Dad, 1953
 Cousins, Kathy and Julie, with Vicky and Clark, 1956
 Clark at his birthday party in Hawthorne, CA
Neighbors, Danny and Jeff with Clark.
 If he was here he would tell me the dates of all these pictures 
as he knew every important and unimportant date
in our lives and in history.
 Clark and Vicky
 Clark in the first grade
 Photo from an article in the Christian Science Monitor
about Four Families in a Changing World.
Vicky, Clark, Sr., BJ, and Clark, Jr.
 Grandma Newcomb, BJ, and Clark in Grand Coulee, WA.
 Clark and Vicky first Cotillion.
 Vicky and Clark, second Cotillion
 Skiing with the Dunns, Alpine Meadows (Tahoe, CA)
Ann, BJ, Vicky, Clark, Chris
 Clark clowning around with Mom and Florian.
Senior year of high school.
 Rolling Hills High School graduation, PV, CA
 College years, Clark and BJ in DC
 Moving back to California after college he met Jill.
 The two Clarks
 BJ and Clark with baby Ashley
 And with baby Lindsey
 And baby Hayley
 Jill with Ashley and Clark with Lindsey in Torrance, CA
 Clark with his three daughters at Vicky and Alan's home.
Spencer trying to get back inside.
 Clark and Lindsey.
 Skiing in Colorado, Clark, Sr., Clark, Jr., and Lindsey
 Clark and Lindsey at lunch during the work day.
 His family, Clark and Jill with Ashley, Hayley and Lindsey.
Brandon and Lindsey at their wedding. 
 On the right Clark and Jill at 
Hayley and Brant's wedding, December 2012
 Clark's three daughters,
Lindsey, Hayley and Ashley at Hayley's wedding reception
December 2012
Our family, 1970's (Vicky, Clark Jr, BJ, Clark Sr.)
We all will miss him so much, his humor, memory, 
inquisitive love of so many things,
too numerous to write about.

Many friends and relatives who loved him and he influenced
 have been left out of these pictures as 
this is a very short view of his life.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Updating my web site:

The last couple of days I/we have been updating my web site. 
That is Jeanne Williamson, my web master(tress), has been 
doing all the technical work along with some suggestions. 
I have been watching, checking, and seeing the changes as they develop.
The web site needed a major overhaul. 
Colors to me, seem to always make the biggest impact.
It is amazing to see how my work changes as the background 
went from black to light blue. 
I know the relation of one color to a neighboring color 
and then add extreme contrast and I was surprised to see the result.
 Besides adding new color, Jeanne added some different work.
This piece, EARLY SKETCH is 9 by 12 inches. 
Free-motion machine embroidery on a commercial fabric. 
Jeanne made a detail for the web site
 to show the stitches but you will have to pull the web site up to see it.
The design came from a black and white drawing 
I had sketched when I was about 16  years old.
 This piece titled RELAXED TRIPTYCH is 28 by 30 inches.
The embroidery is entirely zig zag stitching on canvas.
The designs were taken from 3 small oil paintings from my 30's 
before I moved into acrylics.
There were several other new pieces added to the web site.
The home page shows a detail of a piece and there is now a 
GALLERY page where you will find all the information about my various series.
This was quite a lengthy adventure and may need a bit of tweaking 
 but for the near future it will stay till new work is added.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gravers Lane Gallery trip

Last Friday we drove up to the Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia.
 The streets are cobblestone and the atmosphere is historic
with unique shops and restaurants.
 This mural on the side of one of the shops drew my attention
while on an early morning walk.
 We had come to Chestnut Hill to attend the reception 
at Gravers Lane Gallery for Barbara Lee Smith.
 In and near the front window of the gallery was work
 by another friend, Joan Dreyer.
 Barbara's work was throughout the gallery with more of the 
beautiful art set apart in a second room.
The Friday night crowd enjoyed her landscapes and 
seasonal, atmospheric hangings on all the walls.
We all enjoyed our stay at the unique Chestnut Hill Hotel 
which had two buildings. The walkway between 
had tables and chairs and flowers blooming everywhere. 
These colorful chairs surrounding a fire pit and a fountain
were toward the rear of the hotel and in front of 
an adjoining Farmer's Market.
It was beautiful weather and a good trip.

Monday, June 9, 2014

New Textile Museum at GWU and a sale

Saturday, June 7, we visited the new Textile Museum site 
at George Washington University.
 Always enjoying architectural details I took this picture 
before going up the spiral staircase to see the exhibition space.
And, below, another view toward the spiral staircase.
The upstairs and downstairs exhibition spaces were mammoth in size 
and grand in height. 
The colors on the walls are rich and different at each level.
There are small exhibition spaces in the connecting older building. 
The lowest level has many large rooms for preparing textiles for exhibit.
The entire building is wonderful and will be enjoyed by all 
those who work there as well as all the visitors
 I received good news today by email. The piece below,
WALLS AND DOORS, I've shown before, was sold.
The City f Decatur, Georgia bought it.
 It is one of the 80, 8 by 8 inch pieces that look better 
hung in a horizontal straight line. 
However long narrow pieces do not photograph well 
in small spaces, hence this cross format.
Detail of Walls and Doors was taken from a photograph of a shop  in Tuscany.

Now a question. I am thinking of changing the background color 
of my web site. What colors as well as text colors are annoying to look at and read?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Recent catalogs and publications

The month of May brought several catalogs, to my attention.
 The Radical Elements exhibit has a catalog with two pages 
for each artist. Both a statement about their element 
and a list of the unusual materials defining the subject are included.
My Cadmium element piece has been seen here previously 
and here it is again in the catalog.
 This month a friend gave me this winter Gallery Guide for the DC area. 
I was surprised to see a picture of my Wide Load in 
the listing for the Waverley Street Gallery in Bethesda, MD
 The SAQA Regional exhibit, Tarnish produced this small catalog.
Christine Adams and Lesley Riley were the co-curators. 
My Sitting Still, Life was in this show at VisArts in Bethesda, MD.
 The Texas Quilt Museum produced this their first catalog 
for their exhibit, Butterflies and their Beautiful Kin. 
Part of the show was juried and part invitational.
 My Variations on B was included in the invitational section. 
I am pleased to have it in this quite wonderful exhibit.
The month of May flew by with wonderful exhibits at many venues. 
And, fun days were spent with our Granddaughters 
and their husbands, Lindsey, Brandon, Hayley, and Brant. 
I would recommend the 3 hour Segway tour.
It beats the pedestrian tour of the monuments.