Friday, May 27, 2016

New York trip continued

So much more art to see in New York.
Our first stop was at the Met's Breuer (formerly the Whitney)
 The large exhibit at the Breuer was a wonderful example 
of art through the ages that was considered unfinished. 
 Part of the artwork did appear unfinished but some did not.
 I had neglected to write down each of the artist's names 
as I was photographing their work and I am sorry about that.
 I am always fascinated when hands are the theme of the art, 
whether drawn, painted, or sculptural.
This one in marble is by Louise Nevelson.
 A small mixed media work.
 Who would ever guess that this 6 panel 
(approximately 5 feet high) painting is by Cy Twombly.
I had to read the signage to discover the artist's name.
This drawing was not in the Unfinished exhibit but off in a side gallery. 
I could not believe that this tiny work was drawn. 
It looked so much like a photograph of basket weaving or a textile.
 Walking to the lower East Side we were searching for a tiny store
we had read about. It is CW Pencils Enterprise, 
a tiny shop filled with all kinds of pencils, erasers, 
pencil sharpeners and a few small notebooks.                                                 
 A door in SOHO full of character
 On a rainy day, views from a gallery window on West 57th Street.
We were viewing a very large Gerhard Richter show at the
Marian Goodman Gallery 
 On a warm day we walked up to the Jewish Museum 
on the upper East Side to see the Isaac Mizrahi  exhibit.
As we entered the show, there was a huge panel of his fabric bits. 
In an alcove we saw many of his drawings on two walls 
facing each other with books in between. 
 This canvas coat fascinated me as it was painted after 
being constructed. Gives one good ideas for painting 
after rather than before sewing.
 Mizrahi's Coca Cola dress. Tiny paillets were cut from 
coke cans and then sewn on the entire dress.
 The last stop is the new Whitney down at the beginning 
of the Hgh Line. This picture is of the floor of the elevator.
The final view is from the fourth floor balcony of the Whitney.
Now to stay home and get to work in the studio.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Fashion in an age of Technology

Five days in New York with the highlight at the Met.
Their Fashion theme, Manus x Machina with 
150 pieces of haute couture and ready to wear from 
over 40 designers was a joy to see and absorb.
These photos cannot possibly show the beauty of each outfit. 
Embroidery, pleating, knitting, lacework, leatherwork, braiding,
and fringe work  were contrasted with......
 3D Printing, laser cutting, thermo shaping, computer modeling,
circular knitting, ultrasonic welding and bonding and laminating.
And on and on.
 Small videos throughout showed techniques.

 Above, listed as a most unusual wedding dress?
 And my favorite, Issey Miyake's classic pleated dress.
Below the above dress flat for packing and storing,
with patterns along the wall.
 A very wearable Miyake top.
Next week I will add many more pictures from this last week's 
New York trip. There will be Whitney pictures, a shop I enjoyed, 
and the Isaak Mizrahi show.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Time for Notecards

After a trip to California and to Utah and recovering from
 much time spent on computer illnesses and 
hacked credit cards and non-working phones
I have spent just a few hours each day on notecards.
That is my way of working in a bit of time in the studio
 This embroidered butterfly is on a couple of pictures cut from magazines.
An embroidered leaf on layers of silk ribbons 
stitched to a bit of magazine ad. 
 The top card has an embroidered leaf on a black fabric 
with silver and red threads stitched. 
The second card with the leaf on the black fabric uses the
same advertisement as a background that is used on the beginning card.
 Two cards using the same black fabric with silver and red or copper 
threads stitched. The card just above uses 
window screening for part of a background
This final card has a bird embroidered and appliqu├ęd to
the black fabric with silver stitching and all on window screening.
I enjoy using pages from magazines as well as fabrics
where  I am simply trying out ideas. 
The black stitched fabric in the last 5 cards 
 had paint on it and some stamping with a final step 
of stitching to give a texture to the smooth surface.
Consider these cards as my small attempt to recycle.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring has come to Washington DC

Now that this year's Amaryllis has decided 
it is time to stop blooming...
(I did have to draw one a year ago) 
 and let Spring fill the warm air with many other blooms.
 I took a walk around my neighborhood today and found many colors
 in neighbors yards.
 Yellow was bright everywhere.....

 Pansies in every color were in several gardens.
 Quick colored pencil sketches of tulips.
 and dogwood
But pink seems to be the most prominent color.... in all shades.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Slide Frames with Decisions

Last July I started working out ideas for using all the 
cardboard slide frames I should just throw away, 
but could not bring myself to do it.
Here are some of the samples I've made, 
putting small groups into pairs.
Blue and green painted frames with blue or green striped 
fabric added for contrast.
Deciding to try some of the film I had removed from the 
frames I machine sewed it, leaving the hanging threads.
I soon discovered the film cut and tore too easily
when a needle was inserted. 
  Multi colored frames needed black and white contrast 
so I added black embroidery on white fabric.
These green and blue frames have abstract designs added.
The fabric in the frames has been drawn and painted 
with markers and colored pencils. 
Striping the frames was fun, using many markers. 
Striped fabric has been inserted into the frames.
Perhaps this is too confusing unless you like pattern on pattern.` 
 Inserted in these colorful frames is material I had
experimented with in the past.
 And these last black and white frames have more of my 
experimental fabric.
Now I am in a quandary. Do I continue trying various ways
 to use up the slides or their frames or 
do they go into the circular file?
At this point I cannot see spending more time experimenting.
Any ideas?