Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving, jungle style 2014

Our annual Thanksgiving dinner had a room change. 
Vicky suggested we put the tables in the living room 
and move all of the living room furniture toward the fireplace. 
 It worked and made comfortable space for all 13 people.
 Seen from either end. I used 3 matching table clothes.
 The centerpiece, which I always think is more important than the food,
 used cabbages and kale and yellow chrysanthemums, plus....
 Alexandra's unusual place cards. 
She placed the dinosaurs, each carrying a sign, 
into the jungle of vegetables.
 We each had a candle as well 
since it became dark before we finished eating.
My special dinosaur! 
 When dark we needed the candles as there was no chandelier
above the tables in the living room.
 There were also purple and white striped eggplants 
hiding in the jungle vegetables.
 Again this year we designed our dinner plates 
with an artist's name or style or landscape or feeling, 
what ever the diner desired so here are a few.
This first one above is a rainbow created by Vicky.
 This plate has a face planned and created by Jill.
 Our graphic designer, Alex named her plate,
 "Potatochu....An Evolution of Thanksgivings Past 
in the style of the Anime Animator, Ken Sugimori
Caroline decided to honor Gene Davis with her stripes plate
I was thinking Sol Lewitt but somehow it did not work.
 Ashley gave an asymmetric design to her plate.
Julia said hers is "A Julia Original"
There were more and although I took several more pictures 
of plates I have not connected them to their owners, yet.

It was a good group of young and old. 
Dinner was followed by some fun games 
in which everyone took part.
That was Thanksgiving 2014 missing one person. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Progression through a baby quilt

Using our son, Clark's shirts, including his logos for a baby quilt was the 
suggestion and request of his daughter, Lindsey Adams Fieldsted. 
Lindsey and Brandon's first child, Clark and Jill's first grandchild  is due soon.
Clark's wife,  Jill, sent me a couple of boxes of Clark's shirts
to begin designing the quilt for Lindsey. 
There were a variety of types of fabrics and the colors you see above.
 Seeing this variety and the colors of fabric along with Clark's logos
made me rethink the idea of a traditional pattern or even 
a completely geometric design.
 Taking the shirts apart and looking at the pockets, 
cuffs and collars gave me some different ideas to work on.
Wanting to incorporate the Clark Adams Company, 
Doors and Windows logos gave me the final idea.
 Starting to play with this idea of a quaint story book village 
that would incorporate windows and doors, 
since that was so much a part of Clark's life, 
I began to put individual buildings together.
 When I had completed many little buildings I started assembling them 
on a background. A lot of the time was spent arranging and rearranging 
the various little buildings keeping in mind a 36 inches square size. 
Each element's color and size determined where it would 
finally be placed as I was trying to work from 
larger in the foreground to smaller buildings in the distance.
 Pinning the village and then hanging it without sewing it 
gave me a chance to see where more windows or doors were needed and 
where some fabrics or buildings had to be eliminated.
 The sewing to the background and then final quilting began. 
However, at this stage I kept finding places where 
more was needed or deleted.
The shirts and logos were washed along with a thin matt and 
soft flannel backing so the whole quilt can be thrown in a washer.
 Knowing that I wanted to bind with a satin blanket binding 
I tried three different colors. I was not happy with any of them
but felt this color did blend and would be a better fit for a baby.
The finished baby quilt is approximately 38 by 36 inches.
This detail shows a bit of the green better. 
Some of the buildings that look black are really a forest green.
This quilt is now ready for a baby to lay on or play with. 
I imagine it will be a bit like a story telling quilt about 
a wonderful grandfather he will hear stories about.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Silver Line with Artistic License

While the new Silver Line metro was being constructed I drove 
through the area several times occasionally taking pictures.
These 4 represent my taking liberty with color and design 
of a couple of the resulting stations.
 Each of the panels above are 8 inches square.
 Toward the end of the lengthy construction.
 And, during the lengthy construction.
 Inside one station.
 My embroidered interpretation of one station.
(Free-motion machine embroidery on canvas over cradled boards)
 I thought even though the stations were well designed, 
color should be added.
 The light does change the color on some stations,
or I am imagining it does.
Inside one station.
I have yet to ride the new Metro Line to check
on how I have been taking liberties with the designs.
Possibly many passengers would take umbrage 
with what I have abstracted from the Silver Line.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hubcap Art, Landfillart

In early July I was invited to participate in the Landfill art project.

 All the artwork in this project begins with a hubcap.
A hubcap was sent to me to begin.
 My husband, Clark, sanded it to give it a slight texture.
Friends told me to use an adhesive E6000 as it would hold anything to metal.
 After deciding I was going to use embroidered leaves from all seasons 
I started creating the leaves on the sewing machine.
 Using thread and pictures and actual leaves as subjects
it took a while to create enough leaves.
 I discovered that E6000 would not adhere thread to thread or to fabric 
so had to pull out good old white glue to complete the top layers.
 I began attaching the leaves but had to hold them in place a 
for a few minutes or they slid off. Then had to wait at least 8 hours 
for each group to stay in place before adding layers. 
 The leaves were being arranged color-wise into seasons, sort of.
 The final arrangement is titled SEASONAL LYRICISM. 
One friend described it as an Autumn bride's bouquet.
This detail shows the thread and stitches. The total length is 24 inches. 
It is 17 inches wide with a depth of 6 inches at the center.
Many many examples of these hubcap art works can be seen at
The first showing of 287 pieces (not this one) of hubcap art 
will be at the Museum of Shenandoah Valley opening September 7, 2014.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clark Golden Adams II, A Tribute

I am writing my blog today with a few really old photos,
 about a man who influenced so many and leaves a big hole in our lives
Clark Adams during college days,
University of Utah and Georgetown University
 Clark's christening with Mom and Dad, 1953
 Cousins, Kathy and Julie, with Vicky and Clark, 1956
 Clark at his birthday party in Hawthorne, CA
Neighbors, Danny and Jeff with Clark.
 If he was here he would tell me the dates of all these pictures 
as he knew every important and unimportant date
in our lives and in history.
 Clark and Vicky
 Clark in the first grade
 Photo from an article in the Christian Science Monitor
about Four Families in a Changing World.
Vicky, Clark, Sr., BJ, and Clark, Jr.
 Grandma Newcomb, BJ, and Clark in Grand Coulee, WA.
 Clark and Vicky first Cotillion.
 Vicky and Clark, second Cotillion
 Skiing with the Dunns, Alpine Meadows (Tahoe, CA)
Ann, BJ, Vicky, Clark, Chris
 Clark clowning around with Mom and Florian.
Senior year of high school.
 Rolling Hills High School graduation, PV, CA
 College years, Clark and BJ in DC
 Moving back to California after college he met Jill.
 The two Clarks
 BJ and Clark with baby Ashley
 And with baby Lindsey
 And baby Hayley
 Jill with Ashley and Clark with Lindsey in Torrance, CA
 Clark with his three daughters at Vicky and Alan's home.
Spencer trying to get back inside.
 Clark and Lindsey.
 Skiing in Colorado, Clark, Sr., Clark, Jr., and Lindsey
 Clark and Lindsey at lunch during the work day.
 His family, Clark and Jill with Ashley, Hayley and Lindsey.
Brandon and Lindsey at their wedding. 
 On the right Clark and Jill at 
Hayley and Brant's wedding, December 2012
 Clark's three daughters,
Lindsey, Hayley and Ashley at Hayley's wedding reception
December 2012
Our family, 1970's (Vicky, Clark Jr, BJ, Clark Sr.)
We all will miss him so much, his humor, memory, 
inquisitive love of so many things,
too numerous to write about.

Many friends and relatives who loved him and he influenced
 have been left out of these pictures as 
this is a very short view of his life.