Friday, July 10, 2020

Artwork and more during the Pandemic

I had neglected to show the work (except in details)
 previously as these artworks were being saved for the New Image Artists 
exhibit at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.
The theme for that show is ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS
so I included the game. Using Granddaughter Alexandra's
hands, on the left and Clark's hands, on the right, playing the game.
 For months past I had developed large papier mache rocks 
and other things made with paper.
We are also creating very large scissors to be arranged on a wall.
also created for the Rock Paper Scissors exhbit.
 Imperfect because the arrangement is scissors, rocks, and paper.
Above, some of the scissors are embroidered, 
all the rocks are embroidered and
 the paper uses pleated foreign money.
 Much of June was taken up embroidering this 
old sewing machine for an article in the 
Local Living section of the Washington Post.
The article's subject was about how so many people are dusting off
 their old machines to make masks during the pandemic.
That is why I added the tiny red fabric mask to that old machine 
before it was finally photographed for the cover.
The decision to show the ragged edges of the white fabric
came about because the embroidery didn't show up as stitched thread.
 It looked like it had been printed.

 I had asked our grandchildren
 (adults now, all living in their own homes) 
since they had to continue their jobs at home, 
if they had created an office or desk space to go to each day.
Caroline sent me this picture, above, of her office at home. 
She has since bought a new chair to be more comfortable.
I enjoy making cards and wanted to do one for her half birthday.
I took her little home office picture and collaged it into a different space.
That gave me ideas for other collaged cards.

 Since I enjoy still-life art I started cutting out pictures
from magazines to make a group of still-life cards.
 Not as easy or fast as I thought it might be,
 but it is fun to do. I actually had to hunt for
and cut much more than I planned.
 I did take time to stitch some tiny embroideries 
to add in some cards. 
Above the bird and a flower in the vase are embroidered.
 And in this one, another embroidered flower or plant and
a bird perched on the arm of that chair.

Below, this last collage I created for the book of memories 
that our daughter, Vicky compiled from friends and relatives
 for Clark's 95th birthday.

Someday our lives may be back to normal, whatever that is, 
but in the meantime, our lives can be so full of
 many virtual things to do and see.
Having exercise classes available and
 to be able to see Hamilton was such a treat 
besides virtual tours of museums, 
National Parks, lectures, and on and on.
I feel lucky and need a 48 hour day to do and see so much.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

What has been going on during this quarantined pandemic

Since I last wrote I have been wearing a mask
 and using disposable gloves whenever venturing forth.
It almost seems normal now to see empty streets and grocery stores.
I get some deliveries and have curb picked-up at a couple 
of restaurants that are closed to all else.
It has been two months since I last wrote. 
Several celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother's Day
have past with many greetings On-line,
many Zoom meetings, conversations, and games
have been played.

 For Mother's Day, I received these plants
for the two very empty pots on our front porch
 Also, this lovely indigo and white Shibori tea towel, card, and book,
 found on our front porch.
And in the mail delivery, 
a stand that can connect to a table and then hold my iPad.
 In March there had been a call-out for sewers 
to create hand-made masks to
 then be delivered to several hospitals.
 I made just 20 for Suburban Hospital and 
then a couple for neighbors and our use.
 Then, another Call to Artists by ArtWatch for 
a project to thank hospital workers for everything.
 This project was to create a small (4 by 6 inch) 
piece of art on an index card or cardboard..
 Remembering the note cards I made months ago 
I used the same idea, slide frames, 
painted and filled with fabrics or colored pictures. 
 I had been enjoying pleating the foreign money, so,
 added to one of the index cards. 
These were then sent to a staging address 
where they will be delivered, as our thanks, 
to all the hospital workers in this area.
 Each day that I take a walk, I absorb such beautiful colors..
 I always come home wanting to use colors any way I can, quickly.
So with the machine just waiting for me, 
I add a small bit of color and lay it aside for another time.

I hope to get back to three other embroidery projects, soon.
There has never been enough time for so much 
I want to do despite the fact that we all are staying at home.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Coronavirus Found time?

When everything was closed and all appointments and meetings were canceled
I thought that I had found some time and how could I put it to use.
Of course, I was going to draw and exercise every day, 
clean out cupboards and shelves, organize my studio and read more.
How have I done these past two weeks? 
My plan did not work as I had expected

This is as far as my drawing has gone, just a start.
I wanted to draw some colorful zinnias

 I did finish one piece for the New Image Artists' upcoming exhibit.
This is a detail of an artwork I titled IMPERFECT INTENTION.
Last month I had started to unravel a sweater and 
used some of the yarn to cover part of another large scissor(s).

Having more birthdays approaching there was a need for more cards.
I am always looking for ways to use bits and pieces of unfinished or experimental work.
Years ago I had tucked striped fabrics just to see what would happen when it was ironed.
These two cards with their embroidered butterflies illustrate one result.

 I remembered spending a lot of time working with cardboard slide frames.
AWAKENING THE OBSOLETE is complete with ten 12 by 12-inch panels.

 Painting some of the frames with stripes and filling other with striped fabric, 
 and, filling frames with tiny drawings or paintings 
were more ways I used the obsolete slide frames.

 I had wanted to develop a new format for notecards. 
Starting with some 8 by 11-inch stationery I added slide frames. 
When folded this card just fit in a standard business envelope.
So a new format for notecards that include tiny bits of art in each frame

In between long bouts on the computer, 
I have been walking in our neighborhood. 
 MacArthur Blvd. with lots of white blossoms
 A small white tree at the corner.
And one yard had many colors along their retaining wall.

Now, the big question, will I get back to drawing?
Will I come up with some more use for 
unfinished and experimental work?
Will I clean a closet?

I do not want to waste this 'found' time.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

BlackRock CEnter and work

End of February had the beginning of this exhibit 
at BlackRock Center for the Arts

There is a meet the artists reception on March 14, from 2 to 4 PM,
at BlackRock. My work, SATIRICAL STILLNESS will be shown 
 In March I have several friend's birthdays 
so I have been creating more cards.
 I do love to draw so one of a few trees drawn with ink.
 And, 3 more using embroidery over hand-dyed fabric
 Still playing with my gift of foreign money.
Here I have pleated and stitched several bills.

Taking the yarn out of a favorite sweater I bought 
years ago in ChristChurch, NewZealand......
 I am yarn bombing on foamcore....... we'll see later if it works.
Ending this time with my last beautiful Amaryllis.

Check later to see what happens 
with the raveled and perhaps bombing yarn.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


January brought me several beautiful Amaryllis
gifts that bloomed through February.

This first bright amaryllis has short stems, 10 inches, 
with 4 flowers, each about 8 inches in diameter. 
 This striped beauty bloomed later on stems about 
3 feet high with blooms about 10 inches in diameter.
 This last one is still blooming and was a surprise. 
It was a gift from last year that 
I had hoped might bloom again.
The New Image Artists meeting for February 
was close to Valentines Day so we needed a 
Valentine theme for the centerpiece
 Julia Fogg helped me create cake pops 
for the center of the centerpiece. 
She made a red velvet cake 
for the base of the pops.

 Saturday, February 22 was the opening of the 
NO FABRIC, NO RULES exhibit at 
the Virginia Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg.
Here, a few of the artworks we saw.
This small piece (20 by 11 inches) 
is embroidered on recycled dryer sheets.

 PACKAGED PINWHEELS (44 by 28 inches) 
is by Eileen Doughty
and was shown in a window so it glowed.
Masking tape, bubble wrap, and shipping tape.
 This extraordinary art is by Jennifer L. Hand.
WHILE WE HAVE 60 by 48 inches.
Oak leaves, thread, vellum, graphite, beeswax.
 Joan Dryer had two quite different artworks 
in the exhibit.
This first one TIME PIECES is 20 by 20 inches
and is of tree bark and thread.
 Her FLAG is 43 by 17 inches and was hung 
in the center of the room.
She stitched Dental X-rays and MRI film.
 Mary Beth Bellah created her 
from Polytex feed sacks, bottle caps, wire, thread, 
bubble wrap, and batting. It is 72 by 40 inches.
 TRAVEL QUILT is by Sally Cooney Anderson.
It is 36 by 24 inches, 
a plastic assemblage using hotel key cards. 

My two are at the end and 
were mentioned in my last blog.

One idea now taking hold is having each member
of New Image Artists 
create one large scissors or is that scissor ?
Each will be identically sized.
Scissors may be a beginning of a group piece.
 Opening Saturday, February 29  at the BlackRock 
Center for the Arts in Germantown, MD,
And, last.....
 of paperback books was included 
along with my big Tyvek piece, SEISMIC SHIFT 

in the NO FABRIC, NO RULES exhibit.

There will be more news and 
further developments 
in March of 2020