Monday, January 25, 2016

The Anatomy of a DC Snow Storm

While in my studio I look out this window with views 
of the two main streets below us.
We had a lot of warning about the coming snowstorm that would last 
from Friday through Saturday, January 22 and 23, 2016.
Since my street is on a cul de sac, we rarely have a snowplow visit us, 
so I watch the main streets, to see if they get plowed.
The buses and metro have been closed for Saturday and Sunday.
This was taken at noon on Friday.
 3 PM Friday
5 PM on Friday 
 Friday 10 PM
8 AM Saturday, no snow plows anywhere 
 Saturday 11 AM
1 PM Saturday 
 White out Saturday 3 PM
 Saturday 6 PM
 Saturday 11 PM
8 AM Sunday, stopped snowing .
Sunday noon, sun 
Sunday about 1 PM several neighbors start shoveling a trench 
12 to 18 inches wide from the top of our hill to the cul de sac.
They worked up to the front door of each house.
These very nice neighbors from the top of our hill were exhausted. 
I think there is over 2 feet of snow they were moving.
So, we invited everyone who could walk through these trenches 
to join us for a cocktail party at 4 PM.
It was a good evening.
Monday, a front loader is stuck at the top of our hill 
with a dump truck behind it and now a tow truck has been added.
So we are still waiting for something to happen. 
All schools and the government are still closed.
However today the buses start at noon and metro started again. 
It is free to ride both of them. 
However where would anyone go that is open?
Stay tuned.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Post Christmas and Happy New year

Christmas is over and New Years Eve is almost here.
This is such a busy time of year there hasn't been much time for creative 
art work in the studio. Except, for gift wrapping, which I love 
and cooking and baking, which I like sometimes.
Today, after clearing my desk, I decided to look at some reference photos
 as they, sometimes, stimulate an idea or two for my studio time.
Here are a few I was wondering about. 
You will see during the next few months whether any of these images 
put an idea into my thinking and hands when working in the studio.

Let's hope 2016 brings peace to some war torn places in the world.
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The holidays bring lots of fun and work often with unusual results. 
Not much time spent creating and time is flying with shopping wrapping and activities galore.
Monday, I was helping Vicky create 3 trees made out of catalogue pages. 
She said all I needed were some paper tubes of 3 lengths and some ribbon for the tops. 
She arrived with a load of catalogues to be used making these trees. 
They were to illustrate an article coming out in the Style section of the 
Washington Post on December 12. 
She pictured a group of 3 trees of varying heights. 
We started with a 30 inch, 20 and 11 inch paper tubes and started taping
the catalogue pages to the tubes.
This is the middle size tree trying out ribbon on top. That didn't work.
This is the small tree, again trying an odd top.
Vicky raced out of here with these 3 trees that I thought might fall apart 
before arriving at the POST building. 
She carried elements for 5 or 6 different tops to be tried on each tree.
This is the photographer at the Post checking out each tree and taking some pictures.
Vicky said that we won't know till the article comes out 
if her group of 3 trees will be used or if they will appear singly or not at all.  

You see all the orange cartons in the picture above. 
That color indicates where everything in this room is going in the next building.
This was the last day of all the equipment and staff in the old building.
The article as it appeared on December 12, 2015.
The gist of the story was about all the catalogues sent out for shopping at home. 
Many unusual catalogues were mentioned. The small tree was on page 3. 

December 12, the day this appeared is Caroline Fogg's birthday.
Caroline in the Dan Flavin room at the Hirschhorn Museum that day.
She said she was not blue but happy all day.
Vicky and Caroline rearranging the decorations in the 
outer ring of the Hirshhorn Museum. It twas all quite legal.
A Max Ernst quotation on that same wall.
And outside the Hirshhorn........
December 12  was a warm and colorful day to be remembered.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Five Hits and a Miss

This past couple of months I have been entering shows, 
been accepted to some, packing boxes
 and shipping things to various places around the country.
Some of the art work has been seen on this blog before 
but I like to list what is happening in my art life, here.
Desert Wild Flowers has just been returned from the 
Orange County Creatives Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. 
The theme of this show was Flora and Fauna.
Sitting Still, Life  also just returned from the Sebastopol
Center For the Arts in California, participating in a CHAIR show.
Kiss was just shipped to Art on the 30th in San Diego 
for a themed show with the title, JUST SAYIN'
opening November 2 with a reception on November 7 and 
closing on November 30th.
 Silver Line is currently in a show at the Arrowmont School of
Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The show is titled
Materialities: Contemporary Textile Arts and will conclude 
October 31.
 Rich and Zesty was sent off today to 
Orange County Creatives Gallery in Laguna Beach 
for a show called Food and Drink that opens on 
November 2 and closes on November  27 with an 
opening reception on Thursday, November 5 from 6 to 9 PM
 Catching the Moment will be shipped tomorrow to
CORE New Art Space in Denver, Colorado 
for an exhibit: Mixing Your Media to begin 
November 12 till November 29.
 There will be an opening reception on November 13 from 6 till 9 PM
And the one miss is Awakening the Obsolete (10, 12 by 12 inch boards) 
declined for the 2016 Fiber Arts International show  in Pittsburgh.
I will not be entering any more shows for a while 
as the applying for, resizing and renaming images, 
and then packing and shipping for accepted work 
takes a lot more time than I would like and 
I need and want to spend more studio time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creating, Recycling or Procrastinating?

When one has art work to finish, yet viewing a studio filled with stuff 
to be given away and still wanting to be creative, 
while not wasting precious time....... what word would you give this mental detour?
 Instead of being a procrastinator, Barbara Lee Smith coined the word 'determinator'.
So for the last couple of days I have been just that, a determinator.
 Notecards are my favorite method of saving these frustrating days 
when one wants to be creative.
Two above are part of my reusing 'things' I don't want to throw away.
 This had been a maquette for a large art work. 
The two cards above and these two below are cut from that 
maquette and reworked with thread.
 Before throwing away magazines I tear out pages that appeal to me, 
usually for their color. These become the 'frames' for the center of interest
in notecards and collages.
 This small piece placed on a stormy cloud page is from another maquette.
 Small scraps from an actual piece (Dominie Nash fabric)
plus window screening and a torn magazine page 
make up the composition for this notecard.
 Another maquette I was able to resurrect into useful cards.
 By taking off the large twisted blue fabric 
this maquette became five more cards.
 It was like creating a puzzle to use every scrap of that maquette.
 Of the five cards this was the most difficult, yet my favorite,
probably due to all the red.
 In a crowded studio, small bits and pieces are often lost.
Finding this tiny piece of painted orange canvas was exactly 
what I needed to set off a bit of embroidery. 
The rug was from another magazine page.
Thinking ahead to Christmas I found some glitter and 
 thread samples, a small embroidered pine tree and 
more colorful magazine pages for these last two cards.
It is time to get back into the right mind-set 
and work on that large piece waiting in the studio.