Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Creative Crafts Council will be having their Biennial Auction, to privide funds for mounting Biennial Juried Exhibitions, on June 25, 2010 at the Strathmore Mansion in north Bethesda. I decided to donate this embroidered art work titled A Quirky Attraction.
It is 16 by 17 inches and is stretched over a wood frame.
A statement I wrote describing this piece follows:
Is a butterfly attracted to the color or the flower? The orange glass bottle in a flower strewn field is the attraction for this butterfly.
This small embroidery is part of a series where I am influenced by the natural world, yet live in a world of manufactured items. I see that orange bottle every day and love the way the colors change with each hour. Parts of this panel consist of lace as well as solid embroidery. I often have to include a hand even if a ghostly one. My work continues to contain realism but not a complete landscape. This is more of a surrealistic approach where I enjoy justaposing unrelated images in my own view of a landscape, often to give the viewer something that surprises.

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  1. What a wonderful, whimsical piece. Any chance there is a flamingo in the future?