Monday, November 21, 2011

Black and white 8 by 8's

At long last I am working again on the 80, 8 by 8's. As you can see this series will be all black and white and there will be 8 in the group. Here, some of the fabrics I may be using.

And tangled on the table, some of the trims that I may add to the compositions. I always pull more out  than I need or end up using.

Hard to see but I have begun and there are several small blocks laying on top of each other. I like to amuse and confuse.

There are many choices of fabric I will use as background or lining for the abstract appliqued and pieced tops.

And last my machine is set up to work even if I am off doing some of the cooking for Thanksgiving.

I hope this preveiw will bring you back to see the finished series which will be completed after Thanksgiving.

With these 8 there will then be 51 completed.........
working toward the final 80.

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  1. This series is so wonderful so far I can't wait to see the black and whites!