Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paper 53 App for iPad

Trying Paper 53 App is an experiment in quick sketches.
I bought only the basic kit.
This included a pencil and pen and eraser and a few colors. 
I decided to use just the pencil after I tried the pen you see above.
These are the few colors I have using both the pen and pencil.

 The use of Paper 53 for quick sketches is excellent.

 I took maybe 10 minutes for this sketch 
but tried to make this a quick sketching tool, only.

 The oil wells on a recent trip back to L. A. fascinated me 
and were perfect for black and white drawing 
although I tried a couple of the colors on the one below.
Check out Paper 53 as there are many more tools to buy 
as well as many colors and mixers to add. I had the very Basic. 
I may have to invest in much more for this App 
after looking at the variety of paintings and drawings 
of artists in the gallery. So much more can be accomplished. 
I am looking forward to trying the watercolor techniques 
possible with this App.


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the app. I have just installed it and it looks great. I see it won the app of the year in 2012.
    Now if only I could draw like you!

  2. Thanks Linda,
    I plan to take more time with this App as it seems easier to use than some of the others I've reviewed.