Monday, January 13, 2014

Desert Marshmallow, Dusty Grenadine, Baby Powder and Zaffre

Each year my lunch group has our 'holiday' gift exchange in 
early January because everyone is too busy in December. 
The theme for the gifts this year was 'White Plus a Color.'
I don't know why this turned out to be a difficult theme for me
but I didn't create it until after Christmas. The result is this
silk pillow with ribbons and embroidery on it.
 I suggested that each person write descriptive color names on the 
outside of their gift package and we would guess the color inside.
My pillow's color names were 'Desert Marshmallow and Dusty Grenadine'.
The gift I received was created by Joan Dreyer. 
She had hand-dyed the fabric for these wonderful quilted 
place mats giving each one a different pattern.
This was the perfect gift for our home as we use mats for every meal.
The set of blue and white mugs was included to blend with the mats.
Joan's color names were 'Baby Powder and Zaffre.'
You will have to look up zaffre to find out the connection to blue.
There were many wonderful gifts created for this party
and most had descriptive color names.

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