Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Silver Line with Artistic License

While the new Silver Line metro was being constructed I drove 
through the area several times occasionally taking pictures.
These 4 represent my taking liberty with color and design 
of a couple of the resulting stations.
 Each of the panels above are 8 inches square.
 Toward the end of the lengthy construction.
 And, during the lengthy construction.
 Inside one station.
 My embroidered interpretation of one station.
(Free-motion machine embroidery on canvas over cradled boards)
 I thought even though the stations were well designed, 
color should be added.
 The light does change the color on some stations,
or I am imagining it does.
Inside one station.
I have yet to ride the new Metro Line to check
on how I have been taking liberties with the designs.
Possibly many passengers would take umbrage 
with what I have abstracted from the Silver Line.

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