Saturday, May 7, 2016

Time for Notecards

After a trip to California and to Utah and recovering from
 much time spent on computer illnesses and 
hacked credit cards and non-working phones
I have spent just a few hours each day on notecards.
That is my way of working in a bit of time in the studio
 This embroidered butterfly is on a couple of pictures cut from magazines.
An embroidered leaf on layers of silk ribbons 
stitched to a bit of magazine ad. 
 The top card has an embroidered leaf on a black fabric 
with silver and red threads stitched. 
The second card with the leaf on the black fabric uses the
same advertisement as a background that is used on the beginning card.
 Two cards using the same black fabric with silver and red or copper 
threads stitched. The card just above uses 
window screening for part of a background
This final card has a bird embroidered and appliquéd to
the black fabric with silver stitching and all on window screening.
I enjoy using pages from magazines as well as fabrics
where  I am simply trying out ideas. 
The black stitched fabric in the last 5 cards 
 had paint on it and some stamping with a final step 
of stitching to give a texture to the smooth surface.
Consider these cards as my small attempt to recycle.

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