Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fiber exhibits both real and digital

Time has been flying past my previous creative work keeping it 
at a stand still as I work on a commission. 
I am still collecting butterfly photos....
.... while the  many finished butterflies are waiting
 to be included in an art work.
At this time my 'Variations on K' artwork is included in this SPUN exhibit.
Variations on K (KISS) is 24 by 18 inches.
Kiss in many languages including sign language.
Embroidery on hand-dyed cotton fabric.
'No Answer' (belowis 23 by 20 inches and will be 
in the digital exhibit titled 'To The Point' 
at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego 
in early October.
In case you cannot read the words in No Answer
the letters are created with window screening 
and then covered with thread.
 The words say, "What is the Question?"
 When I finish the commission 
 I will write about the steps 
it took in creating the final art work.

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