Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend, Prep and Finale

As Thanksgiving weekend began........
From my studio window, looking down on the 
neighbors brightly colored trees, 
I love to see this scene change with the seasons.
 From the front door our little maple changes all year, as well.
 Taking a page from our daughter and granddaughters,
 I believe that shoes are part of picture taking.
These, where all the leaves congregate, on our upper deck.
 Getting ready for Thanksgiving often involves polishing silver.
I have not done this for many years and may never do it again. 
 What I really enjoy in planning a dinner is organizing a centerpiece.
Our daughter, Vicky and her husband, Alan 
came the weekend before Thanksgiving 
and moved our furniture to make a longer table in the living room.
The dining room then became the buffet room.  
With such a long table I needed three tablecloths. 
 Deciding on an all-white centerpiece after I painted some dried gourds, 
I began collecting white vegetables.
 Some of those white mushrooms and parsnips and cauliflower 
didn't want to stay white so I added onions and white flowers.
 And, a lot of white candles as we have no chandelier in the living room, 
turned dining room, and it would be dark before dinner was served.
Before dinner Clark peeled shrimp and organized a chilled shrimp platter. 
Julianna Mahley created two delicious appetizers.
Spencer brought 3 bottles of champagne to toast the day.
Alan made rolls and a fancy apple pie and carved the turkey. 
Vicky made two different salads.  .
Julia made her garlic (I think) mashed potatoes, 
and delicious decadent brownies.
Caroline roasted cauliflower and roasted Brussel sprouts.
We roasted the turkeys and made the stuffing/dressing and gravies.
And, Susan Stamberg's Mother-in-laws cranberry sauce 
that was unusual and a good contrast.
Besides the apple pie and brownies there was pumpkin pie. 
And, a special brown sugar pie from Charlottesville,
brought by Rachel and Austin Robinson. 
Another addition was a failed cranberry and walnut tart.
 Alex had arranged for us to play games after we ate
while waiting for some of the 5 desserts.
She also designed the place cards on tiny easels 
with word games on the back of each painted card.
(above: Caroline and Alexandra Fogg, Austin Robinson 
[Rachel was running after the baby, Taliesin], Julianna Mahley, Alan Fogg)
 Thinking about the game we are playing, 
on the left is Austin,  Julianna and Alan at the end. 
Julia Fogg and Vicky and Spencer Fogg's hand on the right.
 Just resting, Spencer Fogg and Clark Adams.
It was a much fun evening, with a lot of delicious food, 
and good company.
After dinner, Clark was washing dishes in the kitchen, 
while the guests moved all of our furniture back. 
And, then they added to the clean up detail in the kitchen.
This is all that is left of the centerpiece. 
The turkey caucuses have been simmered and 
I have a couple of quarts of good stock for soup 
or other future meals............. 
to end the weekend.

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