Saturday, July 8, 2017

Trying a Different medium , Painted Cookies

I have to start this by sending apologies to Maggie Austin Cake.
After taking one of her  two day workshops on classic sugar roses and
reading her book, (Maggie Austin Cake: Artistry and Technique)
 I thought the easiest thing for me to try alone 
were the painted cookies that she so elegantly designed.

 I decided to stay away from Maggie's lovely Impressionist
painted cookies. So, for my first crude designs
 and not knowing how the few colors and petal dusts I had would work 
I plunged into trying to paint trees and then a simple blossom.
 Feeling the first attempts were messy and bland .........I wanted color. 
Remembering Gene Davis' striped paintings I tried mixing bright colors. 
Using some old paste food color I had I soon discovered that 
they take forever to dry and keep coming off on my hands and clothes.
What a mess. Maggie mentioned using Vodka and paper towels help erase.
I erased a lot over the weeks I worked on these cookies.
 Continuing into thinking of simple styles by past artists I thought, 
"AHA, Jackson Pollack and his drip paintings"
The only trouble was I could not get the paint to drip
 so ended up just scribbling with layers of color.
Then remembering the pointillists....tried dots without a design in mind.
 This group of 4 cookies are designs that I let develop.
You have to let each color dry before continuing although
 I tried to watercolor with vodka and some colors ran together.
 Tried Munch's Scream a couple of times and 
ended up erasing a lot of the dark color I had layered 
that kept running together.
I had invested in two black food pens that were not 
fine tips so used a lot of black by accident.
 Just playing with colors and trying light and dark shades.
Each cookie is approximately 3 inches in diameter.
These are sugar cookies (recipe in Maggie's book)
and covered with white fondant before the painting began.
I had bought some wafer paper and tried steaming it as Maggie mentioned. 
Instead I found that painting it gave some 3D shape. 
I drew on the wafer paper, colored it and then cut it out. 
Using piping gel I glued the small images to the painted cookies.

I have a lot to learn and need a lot more equipment 
and certainly more colors and pens and time.
For now I will go back to textiles and using some thread
 and fabric, work again with a medium I know a bit more about.
But, this has been a fun adventure and who knows what else may happen.

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