Monday, March 5, 2018

What do you do on a powerless weekend?

Let's go back in time. 
This butterflies piece has been floating around my studio
 for a long time. I have been unhappy with it and ready to scrap it,
but hated to waste all those hours spent making so many butterflies.

At one point I started to create a colorful and realistic butterfly
 to add as a center of interest.
I did finish and added it but this colorful butterfly was out of place 
and did not make me like the piece any better.

 Here above and below details that I kept coming back to, but still was unhappy.
 So in between other thoughts and art I started drawing dead or falling apart 
dried cone flowers. 
Colored pencil drawing on the left with photos on the right.
Friday morning I looked out my studio window and saw these 
 deer wandering around our yard and the one next door.
We do live in the District of Columbia with a very small yard.
How they got through all the traffic and crossed so many streets is a miracle.

Then Friday at about noon, I finally decided to 
cut my butterfly piece in two and make it a pair or diptych. 
 As I cut it in two pieces, our power went out. 
While the NE was having a very bad storm we had the high winds, here.
Now what does a person who would rather shoot myself 
than go without my sewing machine do?
And in the cold........
 Having added a very warm sweater or two,
I sat by a sunny window, as it was still daylight and very bright 
and started to hand stitch a lining.
Continuing on a powerless Saturday and sitting by 
our gas fireplace and a close window
I continued to, ugh! hand stitch a lining on both pieces.
Now must connect all the pieces and add that casing.
About 9 PM on Saturday our power came back. 
We are once again warm and I will happily go back to 
my wonderful sewing machine to finish this pair.
Perhaps in my next episode I will show a completed butterfly pair.

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