Thursday, February 7, 2019

When it freezes what do I do?

When we had the deep freeze followed by more snow 
what did I spend my time INSIDE doing?

 Besides enjoying watching my striped amaryllis bloom 
and bloom again.........
 I should have been spending all my time on creating work for 
upcoming exhibits, but I didn't.
 I thought of upcoming birthdays and started creating note cards....
 That is relaxing, sort of and sometimes.
 Time is spent exploring materials,
   searching for ideas and trying designs and formats .

My thought is that one of these just might be a sample 
for a large wall hanging, someday.
I do find collages and embroidery I have preciously
 created and try incorporating all into something new.
 It always ends up with more stitching necessary and replanning 
and more thought .....
I guess that is where the creativity come in.
I do enjoy the final construction.
More will come.....

1 comment:

  1. A great activity to do in the snow... your embroidery digitizing work is appreciable.. Thanks..