Saturday, May 28, 2011

iPad Touch Sketch App

 Since receiving an iPad I have been downloading and trying several of the art applications. When I choose which App I want to try I always read the 'comments' from people who have already worked with it to get their reaction before going ahead with my download. Now that I have several of them I thought I'd write my comments about each. This first one I'm writing about is called Touch Sketch. I wanted it for simple drawings. With any and all the applications, whether using my finger or a stylus I find it hard to lay down a thin line exactly where I want it.

With this first sketch I found I needed to work larger, to fill the whole screen.
 There will be several drawings for each App and I made each of these very quickly, no longer than a half hour on each. With the iPad you can work horizontally or vertically, but all Touch Sketch drawings end up vertically, when they are saved, even if it was drawn horizontally. Therefore there is a lot of empty space at the bottom of the page.
 I am purposely putting in these drawings as they come from the iPad and will not crop or fix them. These Touch Sketch drawings are saved in Photos on the iPad and are cut off at the top. The tip of the finger in this drawing was cut off when viewed in Photos but reappeared when I E-mailed it to myself.
 Again you see the rose in this drawing at the top of the page as it was drawn horizontally. None of these drawings can be seen horizontally except in the iPad.

I chose this application for simple line drawings although it has other abilities.
 Different from another drawing app (all black and white) I downloaded, this one has colors. You can choose the background color and the ink color. This had a cream background that was brighter on the iPad than here on the computer.

Again a cream background and a deep blue line. The thin line has no size dimension but I worked in some 'Light Sketch', another tool line, that works in place of a smudge tool or blender stick. One necessary tool is the eraser and it does have a size and pressure measurement. The pressure gauge as I see in other applications has been developed as a shading tool.

The birds head is cut off in Photos on the iPad but reappeared here.

Here are some of the other line tools under the pencil icon. There may be a use for them although, at this point, I can only see making designs with several of them. It would be difficult to do a painting with these tools but these odd lines do have different sizes. I'm sure there are other uses for many of these odd lines and I have only scratched the surface of finding ways to draw with this application.
Each application has different icons and minimal instruction so some are easy and other difficult to work with and on. I'll make several quick drawings, sketches, and paintings using the different art Apps and then present my findings on this blog. None of my findings will be covering absolutely everything that particular App can accomplish. In every program there are always varied ways to work.


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