Monday, August 29, 2011

iPad2 LiveSketch App.

After waiting two weeks to show the results of this art application, I finally decided to go ahead and discuss my reactions to it. LiveSketch HD is this week's App for my iPad. This first picture is a sample of a few trials, just to demonstrate the way the marks react to one another. There is one mark making tool but several backgrounds and any color marker you wanted. This sample shows that it is impossible to put two lines, whether parallel or curved, close together without an automatic sketchy filling. This makes it difficult to create simple marks unless they are far apart.

One thing I do appreciate are two of the backgrounds that are included. This one has a graph paper appearance. Using a sketch I had created in a sketch book in Hawaii, I tried to copy it on the graph paper. Whenever the marks were close together a filling of color, here a dark brown, took place. Sometimes this works well as on the banana, but not when trying to draw tiny circles on the center of the flower.

I really like this background that looks like old parchment. On this tree I tried different colors for the marker tool. I still found it difficult to make small marks close together as the automatic fill took place. I was not able to draw tiny branches close together. I discovered that if you draw a line quickly it is pale and thin. If you draw a line slowly it is darker and a little bit heavier.

Using the graph paper background again I put a few spools of thread on my desk and started to draw them. There were advantages to that automatic fill in some places and I think if one practiced enough to be able to control it, it may be useful. There is an eraser but it is very wide and a bit harder for me to control.
Each of these pictures is shown exactly as it came from my iPad. Some should be cropped but I wanted to have the exact proportion of the iPad screen shown.

Although you could put any color background on before starting to draw I really like the old look so started the rose on it. Having the use of just one marking tool with no sizes and one eraser with a wide size, this drawing App is harder to control. I found it odd that so many backgrounds and colors for the drawing tool are available yet just one tool with one size. It truly is a pencil sketching App in the real sense.

In this last picture I again used the parchment background and brown for the marker. This again shows how there is a fill when trying to draw small spaces like the areas between the wires on the fence. I tried to write Barbed Wire at the bottom but the fill gets in the way.
 This is an interesting App to use, although frustrating for me. There are some fine examples of art work created with LiveSketch, in the Apple Store web site, that pros have created and some good recommendations for it.

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