Thursday, September 15, 2011


My 8 by 8 series has been added to and I have some pictures from my photograher, PRS Ass., Kensington, MD. This series of 5 has the theme of walls.  All the reference pictures I have taken while traveling. From the left, the first with a door was taken at the Cappezano wine and olive oil estate in Tuscany. Next is a wall, I saw wahile walking down the street in NY, then a wall and door at a tiny village shop in Tuscany, another from NY on 23rd street and the fifth is from a wall in a shop called Stitch in Raleigh, NC.

This group of 6,  8 by 8's, is solid embroidery or thread painted as was the series above ( I am using up a lot of thread). These birds were all photographed on an Elderhostel Bird Watching tour my husband and I took in 2009. The area of the tour was up and down the eastern Sierra Mountains from Nevada and into Califonia, from the desert area east of Lake Tahoe winding through the foothills to Yosemite and Mono Lake and back again.
Thebirds are, clockwise from the upper left,  An Eared Grebe, American Goldfinch with summer coloring, Wilson's Phalarope, Gray Crowned Rosy-Finch, Yellow Headed Black Bird, and the California Quail.

This is a detail of the Gray Crowned Rosy-Finch. Most all of the birds I had embroidered into the Wing Chair series (previously pictured here) were also taken from that same Bird Watching tour. I had no interest of becoming a bird watcher but did benefit from going on that tour. I also took many pictures of the wild flowers in bloom on the eastern Sierra Desert and will be using them in future 8 by 8 inch artworks.

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