Saturday, August 13, 2011

More eight by eights.

For the past year, I have been looking at the photos, of many pairs of shoes, I took when our granddaughter, Lindsey, and her shoes, stayed with us. Since I have been enjoying working with colored pencils for a while I decided to make a few pairs of these beautiful shoes important by drawing each on its own 8 by 8 inch canvas.

Each pair of shoes was drawn on heavy drawing paper, either a white or buff color, and then adhered to the painted framed canvas. Each had a different texture, satin, silk, suede and leather amd together were a delight to see being worn each day.

While in Spain a couple of years ago we stayed at Posada De San Jose in Cuenca. This had been a monastery and was converted to an inn, built almost over a cliff. It was a cold day and I stood down at the end of a narrow alley facing the front of the Inn where all I could see was the entrance and drew it in a 5 by 8 inch sketch book.

This year I machine embroidered it on lutradur that measures 16 inches high by 8 inches wide. It has now been cut apart and is on two 8 by 8's canvas forms that are hung vertically close together.

The 8 by 8's are continuing to be various mediums and several different themes and there are many different ideas, to complete the necessary 80, yet to be hatched.

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