Monday, October 3, 2011

Drawings and embroidery

Letting a week go by before adding to my blog, one would expect to see much new work. However, working on the 8 by 8 inch pieces has slowed while creating a series of 8 desert wild flowers.

In the meantime I adding three 8 by 8's of non-wild flowers to the group of 80. Each of these embroideries first started as a colored pencil drawing/painting on paper.

Seeing this month's Artist magazine featuring roses stimulated me to show my drawing of this rose.

I broke off a branch of the someone's Tulip tree while I was walking in our neighborhood in the Spring. I brought it home and drew this version immediately as they seem to die quickly.

One year, at Christmas, a friend gave me an amaryllis bulb. I drew it several times as it was opening into this gorgeous large blossom.

These three embroideries are the result of creating the three drawings with thread. Each embroidery was stitched with free-motion machine embroidery on a dissolvable stabilizer and then applied to a painted background. I added faint pen and ink drawings behind each embroidery.

Just 40 to go to make the 80  8 by 8 inch art works.

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