Friday, August 16, 2013

Ipad Art App Procreate, studies

 In my last blog, I worked with Procreate App, 
but just for simple B & W drawing.
Now I am trying to figure out the many tools available on this App.
From a detail of a bouquet I tried several brushes 
along with the changing and blending colors.
 There are so many sub categories for each tool. Under 'brushes'
the listing includes sketching, inking, painting, airbrushing, textures, and abstract
with more sub categories under each listing as well as size and opacity.
 These are the marks made in the abstract tool which can be 
changed with Dynamics, ie..... speed, 
pressure, jitter, and spacing, besides color, size and opacity.

 Textures as well have the many changeable variations as each brush.
Sub categories under textures are Victorian, wood, cubes, 
diagonal stripes, half tones, grunge, grid, and decimals.
I have to admit that the Victorian texture is my favorite 
and I used it several times.
 Moving a detail of a photo onto a canvas I worked at 
changing much of the image with the various tools.
Under the Sketching tool the sub categories are 
technical pencil, HB pencil, 6B pencil, shading, graphite, 
soft pastel, chalk, and artist crayon. 
 There are so many directions you can go with so many tools
that I feel I have just scratched the surface of this App.
I did use the Victorian texture extensively in this painting, 
changing size, opacity , and color. 
For this teapot of flowers I used the wood texture for the table.
I have decided Procreate needs much more study, 
trial and errors, for me to really be able to make use of
so many tools and their combinations. 

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