Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hardware and Tools

 Several years ago the New Image group had a Hardware show. 
 At that time I started drawing (with colored pencils) many of the 
old tools I found around our home as seen in this sketchbook.
After the drawings I embroidered each tool, life size.
 This is Timeless Tools created for that Hardware show. 
The hands in the center panel I consider the original tools.
Total size of the 3 panels is 15 by 65 inches.
 This detail shows that the embroidered tools are 
appliqued to two layers of window screening 
with HARDWARE written on the bottom layer.
 I recently found an old photo of some tools hanging in our garage. 
I have started embroidering many of them in a 
smaller size than the originals.
I will rearrange them on some kind of a shelf or hanging device. 
These will include a few tools I hadn't used before as well as 
odd images that will not necessarily belong. 
So this is the beginning of a new hardware piece.


  1. Great artwork about hardware tools, you have talent and you should try to work as a designer in a company.

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