Saturday, March 24, 2018

The week of Art and snow

I spent a lovely day Tuesday meeting with several friends 
at SAAM (Smithsonian American Art Museum).
We wanted to see the Obama portraits and found 
more of a crowd in front of Michelle's portrait 
than in front of the President's but I'm sure that changed all day.
Both were even better in person/paint than 
the images you see printed or on TV.
 We were surprised when we discovered that the Do Ho Suh 
exhibit had just opened. 
It is a wonderful unusual and beautiful show. 
He uses sheer Poly fabric in many colors over steel wire 
to create transparent sculptures of common household items, 
he calls Specimens. 

The installation included a long walk-through area 
 hall-like with doors and windows and more specimens.
There were also a couple of huge drawings 
on hand-made paper using thread or paint.
The whole experience is well worth a trip to see and 
walk through that long installation.
 Wednesday, the snow fell all day and everything closed. 
I think we saw perhaps 6 inches, nothing compare to NY or Boston
but enough to close the federal government and the schools,
and telling us to stay home......
 So I did and added an over-sized lady bug to this small
(12 by 12) embroidered quilted panel.
as the tree is from a drawing I made 100 years ago 
when we had a house at Lake Arrowhead that
we shared with 2 other couples and their families.
 In the meantime  I baked a couple of birthday cakes and 
rather than candles I added a lot of painted wafer paper butterflies.
They are all eatable but no one wanted to eat them. 
So talking about those butterflies.........
..... in my last blog I wondered if I would finish the butterfly piece 
I had been looking at and not working on 
for several months. I cut it in half the day we lost power.
It was finished and photographed this week by Greg Staley
 This pair of butterflies still has no title 
but I will come up with a name soon
 The total size of the Pair is 35 inches high by 47 inches wide.
 So, now what do I do with all the left over embroidered butterflies.
Over the last year I had made hundreds in all sizes and colors.
 Some will go in my notecards.....

And I still have more. I am through with butterflies. 
Of course that is what I said about hands 
but they keep appearing, so who knows what will come next.
Stay tuned....

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