Sunday, April 1, 2018

Renwick's Blockbuster exhibit, No Spectators: The Art of BURNING MAN

The exhibit begins at six downtown spots where 
there are outdoor sculptures.
 A couple of huge black crows just off Pennsylvania and 18th St. NW
 Maya's Mind (Maya Angelou) on 17th St NW.
More easily seen from across the street.
 Inside the Renwick a huge paper arch in the first room 
begins the tour continuing through two floors of the museum..
 So decorative it takes a while to see all the embellishment.
 The Arch fills the first room.....
 Passing on into the next room we see......
 many costumes....

 No, not that........below
 The centerpiece is an 18 foot steel mesh nude 
sculpture glowing with color....
 in the middle of all the costumes and jewelry.

Costumes used for performance pieces and more.

 Headdresses and jewelry.....
 In the next large room is the Pan Dragon.....
 pedaled at the desert and constructed from cookware.
 More rooms and much more to see on the ground level 
but going up to the Grand Salon.....
 a temple had been constructed filling this whole ballroom
 Too much to see in one visit.....
 An extravagant chandelier...........
and cathedral-like sections on each wall
 In another room upstairs huge origami-like mushrooms 
 that open and close and change color.
Another room full of wonderful cut out sculptures 
that reflect incredible shadows on all the walls .

So much more to see.  
We have to thank Nora Atkinson for being able to bring 
this unusual exhibit to the Renwick.
Save time to lay down-on the cushions in a small room 
upstairs so you can watch the lights and colors 
and changing images on the ceiling.
I have just scratched the surface. 
There is also a room dedicated to the history of 
the Burning Man from San Francisco to its desert events.
More after my next visit.....

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