Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020....a very unusual year.

Since today is Thanksgiving, I feel it is appropriate to fill in events since I last wrote.
I am grateful to have this time to remember this fall, 
not as colorful as in the past but that may be because  
I have not been out driving around the country-side seeing all the falling leaves.

We do have this bright red Japanese Maple in our front yard.
The view with the sun lighting the leaves has an Amazon truck
giving us a dark background.
Walking to the curb and enjoying all the brightness of this tree 
as it colors and covers our street.

I did finish one piece before the deadline for an upcoming show. 
The theme for this show is Imagination.
The parameters for the work had to be 4 feet by 1 foot.

The title of my work is IMAGINE COMPROMISE

This is the  drawing for the handshake and below the detail

Sorry, that first word above in the statement was CHOOSING

And below a few of the cards some finished and some in the works.
This first one below was for my neighbor, Julia on her 98th birthday.

This next one for our daughter, Vicky's birthday, in late August.
She would never have time to just lay on an chaise lounge,
so I gave her this one.
The next few have not gone out yet.

This one with an embroidered bird.

And this with tiny furniture.

These are all collages with most pictures cut from shelter magazines.

For our  great grandson, Golden,
we have seen enjoy tide pools....
And the inside of that card with trucks we believe he may still enjoy.
An unfinished card for a good friend

 And the inside with pictures he has given me.

Don't because this year will end soon and who knows what happens next.
....As it says here.....
I will try to add more small art news soon.

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