Monday, February 28, 2011

Cleaning and tossing

Help! What to do with thousands of slides. Let me explain................For the past two weeks I have been moving out of my office and putting everything into my studio which made a terribly crowded mess. However in doing so I have eliminated a ton of paper and a few other things as well. As you can see I could not work in this studio as there was not a single cleared space.
All this work to have new carpet put in my office and the office now looks clean and ready. This is good and I can once again work in my office as well as having unloaded my studio.............................but one problen still hasn't been solved.

Although I was able to toss, throw, and recycle much in my office I cannot lose my thousands and thousands of slides.

Please do not tell me to have them all put into a digital format as that is cost prohibitive. And, I do have a little cheap conversion tool but the results are not great and I have to spend at least 15 minutes on each slide to have it look half way decent.
I would like to recycle them or give them away but not just throw them away. Any suggestions?
By the way I have a projector and two extra bulbs and 4 carousel trays so can still view them.
Now to return to the studio and my 8 by 8's.

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