Sunday, March 6, 2011

Old Work

There is one advantage to cleaning out an office, probably more than one, but I do enjoy finding something I had forgotten. In the big clean out and throw away I started looking at my old work, mostly in slides, to see what I wanted to keep as digital. With my little inexpensive scanner I brought two into this century.

This first one is a very old oil painting I probably copied as I do not remember my parents having either that vase or compote. It must be from a picture I found some where when I was about 19 and just playing with oil paint. 

This one I remember painting about 1964 or so. I had just found acrylics and set up the still life in our kitchen. That was my bottle, sugar and creamer, and a basket we still have. We grew the shasta daisies in our back yard in Palos Verdes right on the edge of a cliff over looking L. A.                              I will continue looking for some of these old works and maybe add more as they are scanned.

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