Sunday, March 13, 2011

B. J.'s Birthday Celebration

The Inn at Little Washington may be one of the ten best resaturants in the world, and it may easily be the most elegant. It is 67 miles from DC in the rolling hills of the Virginia countryside in a quaint lttle old village. Our dinner last night was a once in a lifetime experience. The menu, you see here, had ten courses with ten accompanying wines........ten small beautifully plated scenes that seemed to have a story as well. There were as many each course was served, all six of us received it at the same time and each had an explanation as well as a description of the the wine.

I was treated royally by Alan and Vicky Fogg and Clark, Jr. for this fantastic evening along with Clark, Sr. and Ashley Adams. It was a birthday I will never forget.


  1. Wow!! Richly deserved. What a fabulous family event.

  2. Fabulous BJ....a marvellous occasion. Happy Birthday. I just love the previous works that your friends made for you in the 8 x 8. Just delightful.
    Helen x