Wednesday, March 23, 2011

 The New Image Group created this book to celebrate my ancient birthday. I was told that originally their plan was to create art postcards.
When I announced my plan to create 80 eight by eight inch art works during this year, they decided to design the pages in this book to be 8 by 8 inches.

Candy Edgerley created this one on fabric using my portrait photo. She added stitching around each silhouette. Now I want my portrait to be like one of these brightly colored faces.

Cathy Kleeman created a colorful quilt in the same bright colors she is known for. She used the words, "Happy Birthday" as part of the quilting stitches.

Ginny Smith designed a quilt using her signature bird and titled it in red at the bottom, "The Bluebird of Happiness". There is hand stitching/embroidery appliqueing and enhancing the bird.

Jeanne Benson not only created this illuminated initial page for the book but also created the 8 by 8 title page. Her beautiful graphic as well as botanical drawing and illustrating ability shines forth here in primary colors. I would love to adapt or adopt this as my signature but could never create it on my own.

Sandra Woock using the Phrase, "Live Life with Passion" written in gold, matted and framed a picture of a very colorful passion flower. There is also a message on the back.

Sara Brown used Hydrangea Blossoms to decorate a page of very nice sentiments, written in gold, and one very funny quotation by Louise Bourgeois. "To be an artist is a  guarantee to your fellow humans that wear and tear of living will not let you become a murderer".

Sue Pierce created a quilt in the colors that I have used so often in work, clothing, and home decorations, black and white with touches of red.
She added a pocket to the quilt with a red heart on it. Inside the pocket is a very nice message to me written on paper.

Trudi Van Dyke painted on silk and used colors of the beach, the sand and water (which I miss). There is stitching and complimentary words for a birthday message written all around the curving waves on the silk.

Lesley-Claire Greenberg used pictures of our trip together to Rehobeth Beach when the New Image had a show. She added rickrack and a pansy
to to the page along with printed embroidery, a needle and thread and the written message, all in purple and violet.

Dominie Nash created one of her leaf artworks printed from actual leaves. In black and white and some brown the leaves have hand stitching added for emphasis on the quilt. At the bottom is a birthday message from Dominie.

The New Image group also gave me the book Lastingness: The Art of Old Age by Nicholas Delbanco. It is about the many great artists who have been very creative into their very oldest years and how America is still focused on the under 50's and younger, still.

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