Wednesday, May 4, 2011

embroidered images

It seems when organizing my  examples for workshops, I always want to create or have more than I need for students to study. This workshop is directed toward 'shading in free-motion machine embroidery'. At the same time I want to use some of the examples for a few of my 8 by 8 inch pieces. Those shown here are each about 5 to 6 inches in each direction. The bird and butterfly, created on dissolvable stabilizer, are fair examples of shading. The butterfly (maybe it is a moth) and the dragonfly will have their antennae and feet added when they are appliqued to a background. After the workshop next week, I will plan the backgrounds for these images. They may be painted, embroidered or pieced or even  a other words, mixed media but will be finished on 8 by 8 inch canvases.


  1. as always I'm overwhelmed by your mastery of the sewing machine. These creatures look so real until I click on the image and see how they're made. Marvelous!