Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Desert Wild Flowers, 8 by 8's

I have been slow to add to this blog due to many factors. There are times when life seems to take over and all the days are filled.

My photographer had these pictures ready and I was able to pick them up last week. I had mentioned them briefly in October before I had them all photographed.

This detail is of the Tansy Leaf Sun-Cup. These eight are from pictures I took in the high desert along the Sierras from Nevada into California.

I used the photographs, printed on a heavy fabric, as background for the embroidered flowers. Many of these wild flowers are so very small they are hard to see clearly, so I enlarged them when doing the embroidery. Then I placed (appliqued) them onto their original background photographed fabric.

These 'Pussy Paws' are close to their actual size in relation to their background. Those are dried pine needles that cover the ground.

Since finishing these I have completed my black and white series and will add those pictures as soon as I am able to pick them up from my photographer.

The 8 Black and White group brings the total to 51,  8 by 8's,  finished. Not many to go but I tend to slow down during our holiday season.
Happy holidays, everyone.......
Here's to a creative and fulfilled New Year!


  1. Beautiful. I have never been to the West Coast area and really need to make a plan to get there, specially in flower season.

  2. Hey, is this exact blog is your one and only domain or you personally have others?