Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

To celebrate this holiday season I am adding a couple of drawings of poinsettias. Each was drawn a different year with a different poinsettia.

I love to have a poinsettia each holiday season and here from another year is another drawing.
I just read that the yellow center is the flower and the red petals are really the leaves. So what are the green things under the red leaves?

When I used my drawing as the source image for an embroidered poinsettia, it becomes  much brighter. I had use colored pencils for my drawings and they can be pale compared to some bright colors of thread. This embroidery was appliqued to a piece of an unfinished wall hanging.

And this year I have two small and one large poinsettia decorating my red table in the dining room. Will I draw this large one?

Add a little RED to your lives this holiday season and have a wonderful New Year not in the red.

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