Saturday, December 31, 2011

Old Slides

I am looking at part of the my past on the last day of 2011.
How many old slides does everyone have? I have hundreds of slides of past work that have not been digitally photographed. My granddaughter, Alex, took a lot of them to convert and give me a disc or two or more of my old work.
Just looking at the amount of slides I have becomes a daunting task.

Seeing some of this work, once again, surprises me, in many ways, some good and some I'd like to forget. I remember that this was a commission for the Food and Drug Law Institute. They wanted a bright wall hanging reminiscent of Washington D.C. for a long narrow gray hall.
The title is Capital Seasons. Behind each of the seasonal trees is a silhouette of some of the more well known building in D.C.
To get an 'on site' photograph, a good friend and photographer, Andrea Uravitch, came with me to see it. The hall was so long and narrow it was impossible to get a full front picture so we have these angled views from each end.
The commission was 4 panels with the total size of 2 feet high by 12 feet long.

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