Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reflections on K Street

An interesting bit of information is that all the buildings on K Street are contemporary and all the same height. This is because no building in DC may be taller than the Capital.
I walked along 4 blocks of K street recently on a cloudy winter day and using my camera shot pictures of the reflections in windows.  My camera was pointing up as I wanted only clear images, free of signs, etc.
From this photograph, above, I embroidered two 8 by 8's.
This one has a blue cast and easily shows the part of the reflection I was viewing.
This shows another part of that original photo but has a slightly different coloration. These 'Reflections on K Street' are part of the 80 I am still working on. Each was created with free motion machine embroidery on heavy canvas and mounted on 1 1/2 inch deep canvas stretchers,

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  1. Very interested in what you're doing. I am completing a course in Textile Art and my final piece is to use free machine embroidery. I'm using a photo of a building reflected in water and I'm trying to capture the ethereal quality of the image. You've done it, I feel.