Sunday, March 18, 2012

ZigZag 8 by 8's

With just 13, 8 by 8 inch, artworks left to complete my 80 by March 14, I looked back to past work for a different idea. I had always liked this example of  free machine embroidery on a black and white striped fabric. So, I decided to embroider different color combinations in a similar format.

I chose both pastel and another bright group of colors to stitch a variety of the ZigZag combinations. While I enjoyed working out these thread colors on some striped fabrics I had on hand, I've decided they should not be part of the 80. One was better than this group of four.

I have now completed all 80 by my deadline, which includes these 4 and another group of 9. I will however take some time later, after taxes, to do another 4. The last group of 9 will be added to the blog when I receive pictures some time this week. All my pictures of these 80, 8 by 8 inch, art works have been photographed by PRS Ass. in Kensington , Maryland.

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