Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trees, The End of 8 by 8's

Having just 9 more 8 by 8's to finish I decided to go back to a familiar embroidered image. I have stitched many trees in the past and always called them generic trees.
All these trees are free-motion machine embroidered.

Now I wanted to specialize so here is a 'clumpy' tree. It is still a generic but with a little more personality.

This is a generic weeping flowering tree, probably a cherry. These are blooming all over the city right now.
All these trees have to be put in a pot or cup or some container because they have no soil to hold them.

To give the whole group a completely out of context setting, they are now planted in their containers against an unrealistic colorful sky or are they in a room? The containers, here a cup and saucer, are embroidered and then all are adhered to a painted canvas.

These are the final 9, 8 by 8's. Some are still generic but there is a Jacaranda, an autumn tree, a Monterey juniper, a tree I photographed in Australia, and a Christmas tree, so all seasons are represented.

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