Friday, April 6, 2012

What will happen after the 80?

Having finished the 80, 8 by 8 inch, squares I felt as though a weight had been lifted. The 80 are now all on my web site:
What happens next? What do I create? A diversion came along.......

        Dominie Nash drove us to Fiber Philadelphia 2012, which was organized by Bruce Hoffman and Amy Orr. Dominie had work in two of the exhibits. How wonderful to have an entire city dedicated to this field of art. There were so many terrific exhibits that one could not see them all.

The three that I stayed at the longest, were the 'Out of the Box' at the Crane Arts Building, 'Art Quilt Elements' at the Wayne Art Center, and  'The Sense of Place' at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, where Barbara Lee Smith had beautiful large and small landscapes. So much to see, these exhibits had unusual and innovative work that makes one want to stop for a while, to just look, absorb and ponder. Beautiful, thoughtful, and well crafted art work! I needed a lot more time to enjoy all this art.

We also were able to get tickets to see the Van Gogh show at the Philadephia Museum of Art. This was a fairly small exhibit of his paintings from the last four years of his life and had many I had never seen. One of my favorites was the last picture in the show. Van Gogh had painted it as a gift to his brother on the birth of a son. There were branches of cherry blossoms against a very bight blue sky. When returning home I started looking through the blossoming cherry trees at our bright blue sky and could see why he wanted to paint this picture.

Pictures of BJ from the iPad App, Paper Camera and one paper collage.

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