Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home from California

 Enjoying the deserted beach in Redondo Beach, I walked and looked. I absorbed the smell and fresh sea air while looking south to Palos Verdes and north to King Harbor.

That weekend, we drove north from L. A. on the 405 through the Grapevine. Who knew there would still be snow in April? In Sacramento we attended a beautiful wedding outside with a lovely dinner inside the Croatian Cultural Center.
 Driving back we stopped for a couple of days in Palm Springs to enjoy the warm desert.
 And some blooming cactus.

Back near the beach all the ice plant was blooming lavender and bright pink.

And everywhere the bougainvillea was blanketing fences and walls.

And so I am home in DC, once again, enjoying all the pictures I took. Now to get back to real life and  add once again to this blog.

BJ Adams


  1. Interested in using one of your photos for advertising. Let me know if you would be willing to give permission. Thanks

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