Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have often said that when planning a dinner party I find the centerpiece more important than the food. That isn't entirely true. I enjoy planning and creating a centerpiece more than planning the meal.
Last Saturday we had a group come for a pot luck  so I didn't have to plan the dinner, just the drinks, cutlery, glasses, and dishes, and the centerpiece.
Our ping pong table downstairs was used as there was a lot of food coming.  I had previously made a white cloth that would cover the top of the table and all sides to the floor. All it needed was a center of interest. Good friend, Barbara Smith sent me her drop cloth of a heavy fabric that fit the top of the table, exactly.
Years ago when thinking of the waste of paper in all the paper back books that are thrown away I started recycling them. With his table saw, my husband cut through many of our previously read  books in different angles. I proceeded to fold them into themselves forming all sorts of shapes. When these were first constructed I sprayed them with a light coat of white paint....just enough to give them a common color but letting the print show through. For this centerpiece I dripped paint of many colors on the little sculptures to have them blend with the drop cloth. Then I just piled them down the center of the table.
I do enjoy the process of recycling as much as creating centerpieces..

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